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  1. The intro music is aids please put better sampling intro music.

  2. Can we please start saying that Russians are stupid instead of Americans? Please?

    1. luke saylor
      Sure, just as soon as Russians elect Donald Trump

  3. Does it make me a bad person that I was disappointed a train didn’t hit the one on the tracks..

    1. Scott B I was looking for the train, too….or a blown tire…..

  4. Wow,russian cities are super ugly. No matter if summer,spring,fall or winter…always grey.

    1. The Russians dream of winning Alaska from you! Beware of them, and never, never ate them

  5. its a miracle this video is only ten minutes long….A LOT of idiot audi drivers out there..

  6. Doesn’t matter what kind of car ,90% of all drivers shouldn’t be around anything with wheels.

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