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  1. roses are red violets are blue I’m here for the thumbnail and so are you

    1. Isaac Winstanley What would a guy do for some views. Amirite? Hope you stayed for the video tho‘! Have a great day!

  2. For the people who pull over to help.. Don’t block the road with your car, pull over on the far side of the crash and leave room for rescue vehicles.

    1. And if you hit someone, don’t drive away, pull over, lol.

  3. i have made a game of these videos, i call it „who’s at fault? and why?“ i try to figute out why the crash happened so i can avoid the same situation.

    1. Same here. I’m 37 years old and still have a perfect driving record (got a speeding warning back in 1997. I’m good at avoiding/knowing where police may be as well since I do a lot of driving, lol.). I have never been in a accident, not even one that was not my fault where someone hit me. I have avoided many vehicles that would have hit me. The biggest thing is I am constantly checking all my mirrors and keep track of where any vehicles around me are. Comes in handy for example when I narrowly avoided hitting one of those very large s.u.v.’s that pulled out just as I was entering a intersection going 55m.p.h. A split second decision to swerve hard into the center most of two lanes on a divided highway, knowing for a fact there was not another vehicle on my side in the other lane allowed me to just miss clipping the s.u.v. had I locked the brakes and hit the back of the s.u.v. I have no doubt I would have been injured and seriously wrecked my car. I took drivers ed when I was a teen and have always took driving very seriously.

      For some laughs, and to learn what kind of scary people are out there driving that obviously were wrongly given their license, if you have either hulu or netflix (don’t remember which one) but I think I also seen it here on youtube, there is a show called Canada’s Worst Drivers. They take requests each season for participants to do and learn driving scenarios on a closed course to try to teach and make better then eliminate someone each episode to find the very worst driver for that season. One season it was so bad that on the final driving exam episode where they should have been better, they failed so bad that they didn’t even complete the final road test for safety. There is a lot of face palming as you laugh at them, lol. I have been meaning to search if there is any other driving shows similiar to watch. I’m not canadian, just something I found one day that was different than these crash compilations.

  4. So many clips from Russia and Eastern European countries. Just saying…

  5. lots of SUV owners i see on the roads are 50/60 years old short women with a lot of fard and mascara on their faces driving like the roads are their property

  6. Is there a way to get those cameras for cheap price ? Is it plugued in the lighter plug, where can i get that xD

  7. what about a new tittle for the video : Russians are crazy in drive!

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