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    1. Simon Van City yeah, this one truck cut my mother off once. So he got mad at her i dont know why, so he tried to do a brake check for revenge. My mom changed lanes quickly, the car behind us got brake checked, the truck lost control, hit 3 other cars and he rolled over. Then after all of that lmao he speeds away.

    2. BellaTorresBruh if you’re cold, your ego is cold… let it inside lmao.

    1. Crashed Car Channel your welcome hey suscribe to my channel plisssss

    1. +jacob maland Same with me, I’m not a great driver, but I enjoy it and have spent a bit of time at the track learning the limits of my abilities, and therefore I’m more aware than most of the idiots on the road who are just dozily trying to get from A to B and don’t much care how.

    2. Matthew Sharpe for sure. And living in Arizona there’s plenty of idiot drivers lol

    3. +jacob maland I’m in rural New Zealand so most of the hazards around here are caused by farmers who think they own the roads & it’s OK to drive an unregistered tractor at a third the speed limit on a main highway. At least it’s easy enough to find a quiet place to have a bit of fun.

    4. Matthew Sharpe yeah we have a lot of rural areas with slow tractors cruising down the roads too. But at least it’s easy enough to find a place to do some donuts for fun

  1. At 4:29 I was like „…where is that god damn Toyota?? ………AAaaaahhh! >:D“

  2. Wankers that chase people down the road then get in front of them and start braking because they got offended need to be fucked up.

  3. Oh look, a Supra in a turn. Oversteer in 3… 2… there it is!

    1. …not to mention the chasing Camaro that missed the whole turn because of understeer 😀

  4. I’ve always wondered why Toyotas are not cheaper, as they obviously don’t have a styling department to pay.

    1. mauritsvw because they don’t need to look super amazing as long as they run forever 😉

  5. 6:05 was the fault of the driver with the camera…not the toyota driver

  6. At 3:48 the guy is driving like a slow punk in the overtaking lane and then goes like: „what the hell is a matter with that guy?“ GET OF THE FAST LANE YOU PUNK AND LET PEOPLE USE IT FOR PASSING!!! IT’S A HIGHWAY NOT A STREET!

  7. Been driving for 30 years, and there are bad drivers everywhere, but Toyota drivers are the absolute worse. Mixed that with an Asian/immigrant driver or cell phone, and you got a recipe for a very bad day. The worst offenders are Corolla’s, Camry’s , RAV4’S, Sienna and the Prius.It seems that these cars numb the senses of their drivers, because of sheer boredom. Toyota’s are nothing but appliances.God did not put me on this earth to waste my life away by driving, or even tailing a Toyota.

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