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  1. one thing I’ve noticed about pedestrian crosswalks (if the law says vehicles must stop for pedestrians) is that pedestrians stupidly assume that the vehicles will actually stop!

    1. If it’s the law… THEY MUST STOP!
      But indeed a pedestrian vs. a 1.5+ tons steel vehicle… that is an argument every pedestrian MUST ALWAYS AVOID!, and crossing stupidly as they do is stupid

  2. the one at 1:20 isn’t an idiot trucker. Semis can’t stop on a dime like those cars did and it was wet out. That wasn’t the truckers fault, there was no way a truck can go from 50 to zero in the same amount of time the cars right in front of it did-around two or three seconds.

    1. A good portion of it still was the truckers fault I think. He was going to fast for road conditions and following closer then his stopping distance. If he slowed down and aloud more space it could have been avoided.

    2. So he should of gave himself a ten to fifteen second gap? No one on the road would let a driver have that amount of room left open. People would filter in this closing the truckers gap

    3. +Jeremy Pettis very true it’s a tricky situation between being safe and efficient, I guess truckers need to find a balance.

    4. +Michael Becker have you ever driven truck? I have and every time you leave distance for yourself some idiot jumps in that space and you have to adjust your distance yet again. Also, if you watch the video a little closer you’ll see that even the cars had to stop very abruptly. Oh and English lesson: its „too fast“ not „to fast“, „closer than“ not „closer then“, and „allowed“ not „aloud“ SMDH

  3. Stupid bicycle rider will ride right next to the scene of an accident baffles me!

  4. I’m surprised, even i drive better in fucking American Truck Simulator, and that with a stupid wheel that barely turns and no gears.

  5. That title is sooooo misleading. It reads „idiot truck drivers“. Where it should read „idiot motorists.“ I drive a commercial vehicle for a living, and believe you me, it’s the idiot, POS vehicle drivers 99% of the time. It’s called blind spots people. We can’t see you. let alone how many times I’ve been cut off, pulled out in front of, „brake Checked“ because I’m guessing the morons thought I was going to slow in the fast lane, BECAUSE I HAVE TO TURN LEFT UP AHEAD.

  6. At 1:17 it wasn’t the drivers fault because they can’t just stop intently they have a trailer behind them and it corkscrews the truck it’s the lady’s fault because she try’s to cross the street whale there’s traffic coming

  7. I thank God that when I was on the road nothing happened.. I had one time that was close..

  8. A lot of these are from Russia, so apparently any idiot can drive a truck over there.

    1. Russian trucking companies must go through drivers as quickly as they go through trucks

  9. It’s fuct up how many of these truckers caused some really bad accidents & just kept on going.

  10. I hate the facebook messages like somwhere in 1:23 or 1:26

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