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    1. „Aw hell .. concrete slabs are heavy, no need to chain em down“

  1. You might notice the FedEx truck likely never saw the train. The crossing arms never came down. You’ll see this on the right side of the crossing.

    1. Yes that’s true, there used to be a secondary back up system that sadly was taken off all X Crossings in the 90’s CSX wanted them to stay but the Feds during Peanut boy set in motion to take them off at the start of 1993 if i remember right.

    2. you’d think they’d have the same rule as school buses tho, look both ways twice, then cross… minor inconvenience that would have kept this from happening

    1. Daily Hype ROTFLL, that was awesome, you got me so good !! lool =)

  2. This should be required viewing in Driver’s Ed classes. No one respects how deadly these things can be, but everyone is so quick to pass tractor trailers and cut them off on the highway!

  3. * sees a trailer getting smashed *
    I guess my parcel is not being delivered on time…

  4. most of them is not bad driving …

    its Russian driving xD

  5. In the winter the trucks shouldn’t be doing the speed limit they should be going slower

  6. Νικολαος Κρητικος sagt:

    7:40 there were some rogue (detached from engine with no manual brakes on) carts and the truck was put there to stop them.Happened in Denmark or Finland (not sure but it was northern europe) in a coall mine.

  7. Most of these truck and truck drivers are in Europe and they can’t drive

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