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    1. Yeah just douchebags showing off their little scrapheap..

  1. The Audi is an automatic and he’s got his hand on the gear stick?? Lol

    1. bbkangs Because sequential Tiptronic, you could also use the paddle shifters, though…

    2. god damnit! just when im out! they pull me back in! since you guys passout names and assumptions; you keyboard pricks won’t know till you start driving… if its an auto, it is a tiptronic. auto’s actually have better “ratio’s” tho not really a ratio. they are w.i.d.e.r. than say a “close ratio 6” his hand might be on it to; use it for leverage to keep him upright in his seat, or if it was pre-steering wherl controls, keeping ready for a shift because he’s a better driver than you. it also is an audi so the steering wheel controls and switches could be broke. i use a stick from time to time to do those things but for the most part when im performance driving BOTH hands are on the wheel except to shift gears. but to be brutally honest not needed to drift-drive. for that you only need two or three fingers. you let the castor cambor and kingpin angle re-right itself. you just steer it in the general direction you want to go, because the back-end is always out and following at any given time. watch Tanner Foust. i don’t care about the spelling.

    3. pics or it ain’t so. you made the comment so prove it to me? i don’t keep up with things so you tell us what year the car is, and if the DSG was an available option at the time… until then, you sound like you play way too much GTA or Forza in your moms bacement.

    1. It’s all forgiven if you just delete this video and jump off a clip

  2. Im sorry, but if you put other peoples lives in danger, just for your own amusement, then you are a incredibly narcissistic and foolish.

  3. 8:55 and this people is why woman shouldnt be allowed to drive . Left turn from right lane. Probably was doing and illegal U turn. Guy might have been speeding but the yellow car messed up cutting left lane.

    1. tell me please how you are come till that , that in car is a woman? i mean driver

    2. It has to be a woman to pull out that kind of ridiculous Illegal and highly dangerous U turn. Or an old person, or even an old lady.

    3. ak475008396 how do u it’s a woman u dumbass what if it was a man

  4. give a Russian some money and a nice car and they turn into idiots!

  5. Arabic trap music makes you invincible to traffic to traffic

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