Fastest Modern Installation of Foundation Formwork. Construction Technology

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  1. As a structural engineer for foundations this seems like a inferior product compared to the rest of the products on the market

    1. Look up Nudura, Amvik, Advantage or ICF systems — all prescriptive Insulated Concrete Form Systems requiring no P.Eng certification as they have prescriptive (already Sealed) tables as part of the national Building codes in North America. This would require P.Eng for sure — and based on the video wouldn’t be an easy build for a basement Foundation — just frost wall ..

    2. I have personally used about 5 other brands of icf and I’ll tell you these ones are not the best and the fastest. Reward or Fox Blocks would blow them out of the water.

  2. For me this is not enough reinforced and once you used the insulation is possible you may have to buy more this material for the next job.Besides for sloping areas you have to carry tons of soil to retain the walls. The traditional form always be better.

  3. hell no, you can do it faster and cheaper with a few pallets of wood and 15 mexicans …

    1. si jodan. Mierda. mear. pechos. grasa de cerdo. carne de serpiente. chicharone . chicharron..con el máximo respeto posible

  4. That concrete should have been rejected before it ever made it to the forms. Pea soup .

    1. Kyle Cleary it sure does speed up the pour, and it only needs to be vibrated at one spot.

    2. Eh, no QC obiously, that being said they most likely (I hope) used super plast, even though it still looks a little too liquidy for my taste.

    3. I believe you are allowed high slump values if you keep water/cement ratio within acceptable levels using superplastisicers.

    4. If they can afford plasticizer admixture, they can make it that soupy. I’m not sure why they need it that soupy. Perhaps the foam cannot stand against concrete vibrator?

  5. Поколение глупых спиннеров,
    Воплощённое из фантастики.
    Жизнь – для майнера… жизнь – для стримера…
    Заключённая в дом из пластика.

  6. From years of experience with these systems in the field.
    This is just one ICF system out of many.
    That „rebar“ being just wire would not pass code in Alaska.
    Here the lateral rebar system MUST be tied to risers of the same diameter rebar coming out of the footers. I saw absolutely zero tight tie downs of the ICFs, especially with runny mud such as shown, the forms would leak at the bottom and corners. They could even lift if that wire is not seriously heavy.
    Also doing all of the backfill with equipment is risky, that’s what they make shovels for.
    ICF systems are like painting, you must do all prep correctly, because once the mud is flowing it’s too late.

  7. 2:56 walls are way too crooked. if my foreman saw that and concrete truck on site we would be fired. Poor worksmanship. Wood is the way to good

  8. At 3:06 you see how much the mold already bent. The wire used is way too thin ; the rebars connected to it have three times the diametre.

  9. I like how, at the 2:56 mark, the guy has to shovel fill against the form while the concrete level rises to keep the foam form straight while pouring. Obviously the whole foundation is extra wide to compensate for „the wobbles“. If you really want to do it fast why not just dig an 18″ wide trench and fill ‚er up?

  10. Think that footing’s big enough? What’s it for, a skyscraper?

  11. Old news and not the fastest — I give you Nudura, Foxblock, Amvic, Advatage ICF systems — no need for rebar cages all available with prescriptive design tables so no engineering required . Out for decades

    1. decades—then why still use back breaking symon panels—by the way –no videos on symon panels—notice?

  12. We stop using that system in Ireland 20 years ago too slow and too expensive

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