Red Bull

Follow Kai Lenny and co off the ledge at heaving Jaws in 60fps. | Session: Pe’ahi

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19 Kommentare

  1. I almost drown when a 3 foot wave pulls me under… I can’t even imagine getting covered by this wave!

    1. It is a lot easier to see when there is quick movement but harder to see when the camera is pretty stable like this

  2. Man you got a minuscule amount of time to get a quick breath in and you better hope its a good one as you’re about to get worked by a monster.

  3. dude @ 0:58 got sucked up and spit out the lip…scary, punishing ride.

  4. Anyone can do this @ jaws… its warm, clear and sunny. Kind of like swimming in your pool. Try it @ Mavericks… that takes shark balls…!!!

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