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Full Volcom Pipe Pro 2018 final heat.

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26 Kommentare

  1. Should run this thing at night next time. The Volcom pipe pro-wler needs to be done.

  2. Jesus Christ this commentary. Dantas inside doing some interior decorating. Wtf

  3. Some crap Dribbles from that commentators mouth.

  4. Moniz how do you sleep knowing that you were over-scored?

    1. Official Shark Page compared to his top 2 I thought the first was higher

  5. Commentator sounded like he should be announcing wrestling or anything other than surfing

  6. Great final, the commentary isn’t my favorite tbh

  7. That commentator, Dave Wassel, needs to pass the microphone to someone else.

  8. Noah Yves Letellier Cárdenas sagt:

    JOB WAS ROBBED! he deserved the win, not moniz

  9. Moniz was on fire! But I still think Jamie had it…

  10. Dave Wassle commentary does nothing but hurt the sport of surfing and makes it look like it’s a sport for stoners and idiots. He diminishes everything every professional surfer goes through and sacrifices to get good enough to compete at such a high level. Hawaiian water patrol please take care of that guy. JOB got robbed. You think the locals had anything to do with it???

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