Crashed Car Channel


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  1. Two mopeds crash… that happens when you wear your jacket backwards.

  2. 7:22 How blind must be that driver not to observe in time a herd of cows on a straight road?

    1. **SNICKER**……….Bill Paxton gets cranky when he’s not getting any.

    2. He was calling his doctor to set up an appointment to get rid of the crabs he got from your mom………….

  3. HaHaHa Buddy at 6:04 tapping out when car runs over his foot. Why would he stand there anyway?

  4. That audi was so satisfying to watch have to back up all that way

  5. 4m30s – Oh please let there be a train, please let there be a train, please let there be a train, ohhHH GAAAWWD PUHLEASE LET THERE BEEEE A TRAAAIIINNNN…  oh yeahhhh, there’s the train… think I’m gonna have a smoke now.

  6. New vid made from old clips we have seen many times before.

  7. You have to wonder. The guy at about the 4:00 mark getting towed by the tractor. Turn your wheel in the direction you are getting pulled!

  8. 6:26 The car moving backwards has their brakes locked and are SLIDING so honking your horn is of no value because the the driver has zero control of where his car is going.

    1. Why not? My cat used to drive. Other times he would lay on my head while I drove.

  9. I seen a lot of these but this one had the dumbest people I’ve ever seen! LMFAO

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