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  1. Oh I hope that prick in the second to last video got for shafted for Hit and Run and had to pay for all the damages out of pocket!

    1. Sethyyss Well I know it was all recorded. But did the police actually apprehend him and was he forced to pay for the damages and crimes he committed!?

  2. OK at 3:36 I would’ve just went ahead and did the pit maneuver I cannot stand fucking people to drive like that and this guy is just doing everything he can to piss somebody off blocking the road past and then stop and I hate it when somebody gets in front of me passes me and then slows the hill now this guy in a black car I would’ve done a pit maneuver I’m not a cop I’m not a police officer but I know how to do a pit maneuver. What a prick

  3. Oh God the music, please reupload without this noise – please, this video would be OK if it was not for THE GOD FORSAKEN NOISE

  4. „That’s a judo kick!“
    quietly from the back, „…there’s no kicking in judo…“


  5. Wonder why there’s so many USA people driving in the USA with foreign license plates, maybe they lost!

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