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    1. He was idiot and ran into the back of the truck, went into reverse gear and slammed into the car behind, back into first gear to ram the truck harder. Now he can claim he was rammed into the truck …by… the car behind him.

  1. Russian people I got good advice for ya please don t drive anymore xD

  2. hate that all crash videos have to be mainly in russia

  3. 2:17  is the bus driver going for his break. 3:54 Love the le Mans start Ha Ha.

  4. I hear on some vids how terrible women drivers are, but in a very large majority of these crashes are men and causes are speed.

  5. I get the need for filler videos but a lot of these are from your other videos…

  6. Russians are so good at crashing, they don’t even need to be in their car anymore.

    1. Steven Potts I swear in Russia they have a constant competition on who can cause the worst crash

  7. Is it common for Russians to carry around bats and golf clubs for road rage? Not judging, just curious?

    1. Yes. You also see a lot of AirSoft (fake) guns being used to try to intimidate as well.

    2. +Jerry VanNuys Thanks. _I was noticing some ‚angry‘ looking incidents, and out came sticks and bats._

  8. What is exactly wrong with the people i eastern Europe and Russia? Are they less intelligent? all drunk?

  9. La Russie un peuple totalement intoxiqué par la Vodka et la stupidité

  10. 2:34 is he listening to the Russian version of Arabian Nights from Aladdin?

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