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  1. there was quite a few Teslas in this episode :/ such beautiful cars destroyed

    1. +Dawid150 I mean its the car I want. You have really never heard that expression? Get out more.

    2. LOL! Your dream car is a Tesla? DAMN! I mean, they’re nice cars, but they’re more for the green people. If gas and money wasn’t an issue, I’d go for a Porsche GT. Dream a little bigger, it won’t hurt.

    3. +MadeAUsername Almost nothing can beat the modernization of Tesla vehicles. They’re literally cars of the future with never before seen features from any other auto motive vendors.

    1. Some fool in a cage totaled my Harley and much of me with it. American drivers are real geniuses too.

  2. Please make the sucribe button that appears at the intro crash with the edge of the screen!!


    *Can any of you dudes, tell me the idea behind the car doors at* 1:12 *?(:)*

    1. KENNETH THE MELON/TARBOOZ COLEMAN She’s so DUMB she can’t figure out how to open a car door. Almost as stupid as YOU!


      *Whom are you referring to dude?(:)*

  4. The crashed Teslas! NOOOO! Such beautiful cars! My heart 🙁

  5. 7:30 damn they need fucking lights there everyone’s always crashing into each other

    1. Jason _ they at the request of the citizens removed all trafic control signs, shortly after everyone there got into an accident they moved to replace all the signs and became more aware of how important they are. or so ive heard

  6. Remind me never to go to russia… so many stupid and unnecessary wrecks. They’ll be looking dead at your vehicle and still hit you.

    1. K I think you missed the point of my comment so let me point it out „They’ll be looking dead at your vehicle and still hit you.“

    2. Brandon Shelton the sad part Trump wants us to live like them, fk that they can’t drive

  7. 7:20 they should put a stop sign or stop light there lol

  8. I can understand some of these, but most had me screaming in my head: HOW DO YOU HAVE A LICENSE!!!

  9. Guy at 4:00 wouldn’t let the Porsche driver go back into the right lane, both the Porsche driver and the guy with the dashcam are idiots.

    1. Forever Computing Should have just stopped there. „Correct“ driver ALSO would be blocked in.

  10. It actually makes me wonder how the hell do Russian drivers get their licenses.

  11. i just wanna know about the pic. where is in the video? i did not see

  12. That van going down that snow covered hill, I’ve been there before going down the mountain where I live on solid ice. The only thing you can do when you’re spinning around in circles is hope you make it to the bottom alive.

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