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    1. I bet you are still wanking over the fact you got the first one in well done to you

  1. 3:38:the car from video is the Evoque and the one from the backround is the Sport!

    1. Not even Sport, it is a Vogue. But I think it was just a background.

    2. the one in the background isn’t the sport, it’s the regular range rover

  2. A hot-pink Land Rover with ghetto street rims trying to manage a sand dune. That is just pathetic. All that money and so little brains.

    1. I reckon its a woman driving since it’s a pink Range Rover. Experienced drivers can do this easily with any street rims. Proof is another Range Rover passed by her.

    2. That couldn’t have been a woman driving since the clip is from Saudi Arabia where women aren’t allowed to drive, well .. some women do drive secretly in SA, but none would ever dare to among so many chavs during sand dune joy rides.

    3. Saudis have these brilliant pinks, blues and purples on their cars. Pearled paint jobs and all! These guys are girls with beards. I’m not saying girls are dumb, but saudi men can be compared to women when it comes to driving. No offense meant women.

  3. A better title would be „Idiot Range Rover drivers, Crazy Range Rover driving… „.

    1. idiot is not enough, total morons should be called judging from this video 🙂

  4. 3:20 jaguar driver blocked the exit, the land rover in the parking area couldn’t go out.The people abetting him to hit Jaguar,and the man wearing blue shirt is Police.(sry for google translate)

  5. 6:01 video is not only in my country (Spain), is in a place nearby Valencia, where I live! LOL ^.^

    1. Ah vaya, mi amigo me paso el video diciendome que me fijara en ese video q era en unas pistas al lado de Valencia jajaj.
      Pues arreglao y con intermitente y todo 15€ mas por venderlo en wallapop xd

  6. I’ve never seen a solid red rover. looks good

  7. 0:33 im surprised the land rover did’t brake down on the way to the 4×4 track day.

  8. 1:36 the Fault was not the range rovers you can’t do A between on the right sida

    1. yes it was the range rover’s fault, you can’t turn left with transit on the other lane, you need to wait or for someone to let you go

  9. I know that Range Rover drivers always try to show off, they think that they own the world or something..
    But I’ve never seen such idiocy from them!
    Like seriously??

    1. it’s the UK. We drive on the left. The right lane is the wrong side of the road.

  10. 3:13 Jaguar destroyed . land rover still no scratches lol.

    1. Sabah Abdulameer How do you know?? Did you see the left side of it?? Do you have X-ray vision?

    2. Sabah Abdulameer can guarantee the Land rover has big damage.

  11. Why do these people even have a license?It seems that in some cases commom sense does not apply..

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