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Hurricane Spin Scrubber- As Seen On Tv – Click here!



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  1. I hope that some of the people in this video died specifically so they cannot reproduce.

    1. believe me … natural selection is a special feature of this planet…

    2. Roger Buschmann so let’s hope for Mugabe, Erdogan, Putin and Trump to be selected…

    1. Matty V You’d get the same result in any other country, but in Russia dashcam footage can be used as evidence and you need it there because of corruption. So almost everyone has one.

    2. skl27 And dash cam footage can NOT be used elsewhere? Gee, you’re STUPID!!!

  2. as someone born and raised in Chicago, jaywalking is a skill that can mean life or death

    1. GrimReaper Herman Himwoman If you bothered to check, you’d see there are INFINITELY MORE ‚Faith restored in humanity‘ compilations featuring russia. No wonder everybody hates you dumbass americans

    2. Jeff Johnson Most americans are too stupid to have any kind if critical thinking required to ascertain why russia has so many cams. Its cimmon sense to everyone else

    3. They’re not necesarilly bad drivers, they just require car cams for insurance…
      *Comment written by dumbass american incapable of critical thinking*

  3. That one Russian at 9:01 was looking around and thinking should I just shoot her, so I can go on my way!

  4. 7:05 Crosswalker: I pass now, and there is noone coming from the wrong direction.
    Other pedestrians: Oh, that looked painful. He really flew, that one. Ah, well, time to move along.

  5. Humans needs to drive more careful at nite, because their many animals travel during the late hour or early morning.

  6. 1:09 lol one of my favorites.
    His voice cracks when he said that sentence. lol poor deer.

  7. Russian sounds like the language bad guys speak in video games

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