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    1. rdd 0313 c’est compliqué de sortir du nouveau contenu en si peu de temps ^^

  1. what an idiot the last one. He want to look tough but he can’t even break a window with his fist.

    1. Yeah, but side windows on modern cars are nearly impossible to punch through.

    2. Couldn’t see it. Entire screen obscured by ads for a channel I am already on, @crashedcarchannel

  2. What are these people thinking? I couldn’t drive that poorly if I tried.

    1. Александр ВЕТЕРок sagt:

      Namn L well smartass tell me about your intelligence

  3. Some ones car gets stolen and they become an idiot driver? When they’re not even driving?!?!

  4. „You alright mate? Did he get you?“

    Nah bro your eyes are just playing tricks on you.

  5. The click bait is strong with this one, but the videos always entertain. Also i have seen a bunch of the videos start with Calgary Alberta is it just coincidence or are you from here?

  6. Would be nice to see a funny video at the end but unfortunately it is obscured by a video link WE COULD CLICK ON THATS **ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE OF THE SCREEN**

  7. I dont get what is up with the people not letting the wrong way drivers have room to get into the proper lane. They ALWAYS just ride their bumper as soon as they back up the tiniest bit. Stupid…

  8. Shut up you Porsche IDIOT..
    Without Porsche

  9. I bet the porsche driver at 6:49 blamed the other driver for running a green light!

  10. There is nothing like the howling wail of a Porsche flat-6, and there is nothing like the howling wail of a Porsche owner after failing like this!

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