Crashed Car Channel

„Give Me The Car Keys And Go Make Me A Sandwich“ EPIC WOMEN Driving Fails Compilation

The Systematic Survival Plan, Your Guide For Survival


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    1. + crashed car channel Are you Romanian? Or maybe Moldavian, my friend?

  1. last one must have been fake but still pretty funny to watch

    1. tonepaw I’m sure he is joking with the titles I really hope he is

    1. This might be a 1 year old comment but it made my fucking day LOL I could have never describe it so well, my friend!

  2. GREAT COMPILATION! nice to see videos new to me, unlike most channels where there is only 1 new one.

    1. however I can never condone blurring an officials face(around 7:30) they all need to own their actions, without shame.

    2. Glad to hear that. I really try to find something else.

  3. 6:35 That’s why you don’t fly between cars, you stay in the freakin‘ lane, and motorcyclist/moped drivers need to be more aware that its sometimes difficult to see them on the rode. It’s not like we want to hit you guys. Let me speak for myself. It’s not like I would want to hit you guys. 🙂

    1. I can’t believe I used the wrong „road“. I meant ‚road‘ not ‚rode‘ Lol

    2. AnonymousHuman * And you didn’t have to go off on that guy.

    3. Jesus, you needed 4 individual comments to protect any opposing comments. Defensive much?

  4. That one way road was an accident, they saw it and corrected. Happens to the best of us 🙂

  5. great job at teaching the kids to use profanity, save this video for evidence when he gets his butt kicked when mommy and daddy not around. sure he will talk like that to his teachers too huh?

  6. Quick Quack Car Wash doesn’t mean you should go that quick

  7. 1:12 I think she deserves a pass – who hasn’t made that mistake once or twice? She noticed right away, reversed carefully, and gave a wave when allowed to reverse into traffic and start back off again. I think that was completely cool. I would have laughed about it in the car with her if she’d been driving me. Nobody’s perfect

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