GoPro: 2500m Chamonix Wingsuit Flight

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    1. +Mightiflier
      I said, that man in this video, from start to end with open mouth. I think – he from England.

    2. @Mightiflier try google translate man, it’s free I hope even for british

  1. LegendVerse (Real Life Superhero Fights) sagt:

    This is insane. I wonder how rough his landing was lol. I’m glad he is OK and I definitely think it’s cool that GoPro could help us capture crazy moments like these.

    1. Sorry, I didn’t catch that.
      Was he talking about the camera on his body comes dirty? Maybe talking about the sneeze itself making the man shakes his head and change the course of fly, am I right or is there something more I didn’t catch?

    2. The second one, if he sneezes he’ll probably smash into the ground.

  2. Jesus Christ. This is too close to the edge, my friend. Nice video, but I think it is too much risk just to make a video.

    1. +Fred SismoS : Canadá & Eu Yes you are correct, There’s a reason planes don’t fly like this…..and no people don’t have any better response time in a wingsuit.

    2. SELFISH? hahaha it’s his life, he can do what he wants with it.

    3. This is probably one of the most popular wing suit jumps in the world, and the thrill of this particular jump is the proximity. I bet it really feels like flying, man. And thats what it’s all about; not the video. The video is just a nice way to relive it, I bet they could care less about the video because they have what they think is teh coolest job in the world

    1. +DavidParody Init, I feel like I might have a heart attack just watching

    2. +Abraham Lincoln I found your comment funnier then I expected

    1. +Xankar There are rare events, however, like when base jumper Jeb Corliss hit a ridge he was proximity flying over. He struck the ridge, injuring his leg and even though he had a chance to deploy his chute, struck the ground covered with rocks and outcroppings. There is always that chance a helmet could keep a terrible injury from being more than just an injury. Skulls are like egg shells on rocks, especially without helmets.

    2. +Vicent Yi it may actually be helpful if he collides with birds or something. And of course, he needs eye-protection as well.
      But yes, it won’t help much if he crashes.

  3. Pfft, he didn’t even go through that gap between the rock face and the outcrop at 0:42. Pansy. Hahaha…

    1. +Vaughn stiglich You must be short, because it seems like everything goes over your head.

    2. +Benjamin Davis Must not have seen it that time, he saw it in the replay tho, trust me.. he wants to.

    1. +Jack Naylor It’s multiple videos edited together, but yeah it’s pretty damn good.

    2. +AWD Spitfire There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti


    4. +Paul Neumann thinks the same when i read sweaty hahahha eminem 4 the win

  4. How does one learn how to properly fly this?
    It seems like something you can’t really train for, you just have to jump in and do it.

    1. Tristan Miller sometimes idiots have to be protected from there own stupidity.

    2. Tristan Miller haha no body makes it out of here alive Tristan. You might keep your chips a little longer because you keep folding your hand but you will never see a payout like these guys do. Even though you will lose your chips just the same.

    3. HAL it’s not the law. It’s just what is recommended. 200 skydives is recomended before trying BASE jumping and 200 skydives before trying wingsuit flying. Do a wingsuit BASE jump is different though. You don’t just try wingsuit BASE jumping without being an experienced base jumper first.

  5. is there yet any case of collision with a random flyby bird?

    1. +legorig I was thinking the same thing. Maybe he did it twice?

    2. +applecrumble2508 I think he may be using the new session camera, and we just don’t see it. 

      But then again im pretty sure we would see it

    3. +legorig
      you can see the shadow of the stick holding the camera at 01:23 and its not short as it looks ,so if it was there during the side view angel we would clearly see it. i guess.

    4. +legorig The camera is mounted on the helmet. The FOV is such that if you tilt it down you won’t see the camera or mount.

    5. legorig the real question is how low is your IQ? If you think first before you ask you will notice there’s a stick shadow mounted to his helmet at 0:25-0:28. Use your brain next time.

  6. This is so cool. I really wonder how many people died from trying this sport though.

    1. +Arcturus572 The camera would prolly die too

    2. Yes, but the GoPro craze really only started a few years ago, but I know that I’ve seen one video where the guy doing the wingsuit miscalculated and hit the wires on a suspension bridge… A person flew towards the bridge (I guess trying to go under or over) and chunks fell out the other side… Gruesome, but then again, life isn’t a guarantee that you’ll die leaving a beautiful corpse….

  7. I wanna do this so bad but at the same time I don’t want to do this. What should I do? D:
    It looks really awesome but horrifying at the same time.

    1. +Cow get some VR glasses/goggles and do it that way. Or better yet go to an indoor skydiving business, wear your VR goggles, play this video and voila! Instant wingsuiting without the brown & yellow stains! 😉 Although I would love wingsuit like that, I’m way too „old“ with responsibilities mimicking that of an adult. ;p

  8. Just think…A little sparrow could pop out of nowhere.

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