GoPro Awards: Backflips for Breakfast

This Amazing Makeup Remover Cloth Can – Remove Your Entire Makeup Using JUST Water! 


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    1. Lol up in Minnesota I wear shorts and a t shirt in freezing weather

  1. WOW the new sound when you like a comment is sooo spooky :-0 !!

  2. Я так каждое утро чай пью. (Даже летом)

    1. У меня медведь меньше разливает, когда по утрам катается с крыши дома.

    2. У ЧакНориса чай побоялся бы разлиться.

    3. Иван Морсаков uhh… no pcccnnnkkkk or russian

  3. Totally thought that was a normal sized tent before his head popped out…

    1. you bury it for protection from wind and cold.It’s probably only a 1 person tent/bivy but enough room for a solid lay down

  4. When you’re on 3000m above the ground making backflips, but you’re English…

    1. Solidbry i think its actually small, but the inside of the tent has a heat-reflective surface which reflects his body heat to stay warm. And the reason that its small is, well, in a regular tent you wouldnt be close enough to all sides of the tent so it COULD reflect heat. Im 95% sure though 🙂

  5. Guess I’m gonna go watch more gopro awards Videos. That was awesome.

  6. Hi gopro my name is Josh I had a hero 3+ and I was using on a kayaking trip but the case leaked and got water in it and is breaking on me now camera did not work and this is the only camera if you’re able find a way to send me a Camera that would be Great thanks thanks gopro I love your videos I watch them a lot like this to help me

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