GoPro Awards: Frozen Kitten Lives

How Long Can You Survive When Medical Assistance Is NOT Coming?


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  1. So stoked to see this GoPro! Wow, you truly are the best story tellers in the business. I mean, I shot it and narrated it and it STILL made me tear up! Thank you.

    1. There are no words. So many „humans“ have caused so much agony and despair to the felidea tribe for so many centuries. I have given up on humanity’s salvation. But then your family comes along and does this. I am struck senseless. The words „God bless you“ are so weak, but they are all I have. May the universe shower you with all that is joyful.

  2. It must of been so hard to see that white cat out in the snow.

    1. +derpy rainbow girl he will, no he is doing a good life with his new family

    1. Clorox Bleach Black cats are just normal cats. Don’t be rude!

    2. Short intellectual grandpa with alzheimers sagt:

      It was just a joke because he was so amazed that the kitten was white

      sorry if you found it racist or anything.

    3. Clorox Bleach, it wasn’t racist don’t worry. It just triggered a SJW libreral.

    1. Δήμητρα Χρυσανθοπούλου sagt:

      Deecky Rizzo his name is Lazarus

  3. Seeing this video after i found a stray cat outside a kitten of 3 months, it just makes me glad there are other human beings who when seeing a animal in need, come to help it. Bless the family who saved the kitten. It’s been almost a year since this video. Hope the cat’s doing well. Trying to get the one i found use to humans and being comfortable inside a home rather than outside in the rain and snow.

  4. Ok ok my eyes arent crying,they’re sweating from the pressure of this video…. i-i swear!!

    1. i think you mean onion cutting ninjas are all around your room

  5. god damn, its eyes looks so beauty… i mean its like a contact lense right?

  6. good job!! I love people like this!! I don’t know why but.. thanks for saving his life, that makes me happy!!!!!!

    1. Yeah the videoer ’s brother was the real hero. everyone else gave up but he didn’t. he spent an HOUR trying to save the kitty’s life!

  7. JohnRitterFan4803 the Insane Pessimistic Nut sagt:

    There aren’t supposed to be any dislikes on a video like this! >:(

    1. JohnRitterFan4803 the Insane Pessimistic Nut Some people are just evil and mentally ill, you can’t do much about it. Let’s focus on the adorable feline and his family 🙂

  8. This is a lucky kitten. Despite all odds, the kitten survived.

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