GoPro Awards: Tiny Drone with Tiny GoPro

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  1. Александр Александр sagt:

    Please show how you shot this video!!!! 🙂

    1. brackonstudios Yes but then he would’nt know where to go the controller guy was wearing glasses so he could see where he was going through the camera.

    1. Actually they developed the software, so this is like an ad for it.

  2. Please acquire this company and put the postprocessing in your app. This is game changer!

  3. This video was just played backwards, you could tell by the guy on the left at 0:27 .

    Not hating, the video was still sick af 🙂

    1. Eduardo Agustin Vendrell del Río sagt:

      Einstein would be so proud of you…

  4. like how they try to make it seem like they are reversing the drone. Look at the waves at 1:12

  5. Even if it’s reversed. The drone flying skills and the stabilization is simply insane!

    1. Hi everyone! im a small time drone filmmaker/photographer. Its been about 9 months now, traveling through life bringing my drone for the ride. if you have a moment please take a second to check out some of my content. Just a click away, from more Parrot content. Thanks everyone!!

    2. Adobe Creative Cloud is only about $30 a month – not highly expensive if you use it everyday

    3. haha i hadn’t even considered it was in reverse. that makes sense though. still…incredible.

    1. So you wanna tell me, GoPro is posting a video, filmed on a sony cam?

  6. The SFX work in the original version made by Robert is way cooler!!

    1. first gopro video that I thoroughly enjoyed in a long time.

  7. beautiful video, and beautiful saint monica (venice beach), I was a month ago …
    This is my video in Venice Beach with my GoPro Hero Session 4
    how did you shoot the video without anyone around? santa monica is always super crowded!

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