GoPro: Chasing AdVANture with Chris Benchetler in 4K

Hurricane Spin Scrubber- As Seen On Tv – Click here!





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    1. Sony might have better technical spec than GoPro, but the reason why I buy and use GoPro is… it’s easy to create my own fun-quick clip (/w Quik) and easier to share.
      And most importantly, GoPro is investing their money to ski-snowboarder’s ecosystem by sponsoring events!

    1. I had a little problem with no colorgrading on some clips but yes it was edited amazingly

  1. This is my favorite video of all time! Major respect to the filmer/editor and Chris it’s all I want to be in life in one video.

  2. An incredible video. Hopefully one day we can all take our dream trips.

    I always applaud GoPro on the sheer quality of everything put out on this channel. Definitely some of the greatest content.

  3. Great job Matt aka skichef aka human drone!! And Chris Benchetler ! Masterpiece!

  4. First time in years that a GoPro video managed to get me hooked again. It was a pleasure to watch.

  5. the heck .. the 30min are already over ? i thought i watched around 10 !

  6. Here’s to every shot, every clip to the beat, every song, every sequence, every line, every ride, every person, every grade and finally, to the story; what and insane and beautifully executed production. <3

    1. Oscar Stubbs I believe it’s just shot in 4k…. That’s the. Only difference between any other film….

  7. Brilliant story combined with amazing editing. Great piece guys, in my opinion this is the best GoPro video to date. Keep it up!

  8. When I watch these back-country skiing films i just have one question:

    What am I doing with my life.

    1. Same here. This video made me utterly happy to see those beautiful landscapes and this way of life, and at the same time extremely sad of the boring life I have seating behind my desk in a job I hate.

  9. Best 30 minutes and 20 seconds I’ve ever watched. Got my adrenaline pumping and my mind inspiring. Don’t know how else to put it, best GoPro video to date. Time flew when watching this video.

    Also, who could dislike this video??!

  10. Keep an eye out for your next HERO6 Launch story coming out in 2 weeks!

  11. This video is just too good. It relaxed me so much , thank you guys for making this video it is the best video i’ve ever watched

    1. I could have watched 30 minutes of any ONE thing- especially the van and fire truck.

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