GoPro: Didga the Skateboarding Cat

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  1. Watch as I explore beyond a normal teens boundary. Using my Gopro and camera equipment to go inside abandoned hospitals asylums and schools. Along with road trip travels

    1. so I decided to look into your channel. I think you have a good channel and I just subbed

    2. You again???? with your fake as hell comments! So desperate, its embarrassing  

  2. That embarrassing moment when a cat can skate better then you can… They’ll be doing Parkour next!

    1. This cat has done Parkour! I think people have told you… xD

    2. Marcus Mead PK Cats know parkour since they were born. It’s in their blood.

    1. Man, this is real cool and good I watched before going to bed so I can see good dreams 🙂

    1. +leonard Bröönnamamam You dont have a face than Shut Up!

    2. +leonard Bröönnamamam :'( i just tried to protect him y u r so rude!!!?

  3. why can’t my cat do cool stuff like that all he does is sleep and eat

    1. +PunketSly   your cat must go to school  and there he will learn

    2. Mine never sleeps, she always plays and runs and sometimes chase me but never let me pet her -_- but I like her tho

  4. Well i’ll be damn, now i have seen it all..
    This feline is overflowing with swag. i’ll never be as cool as him

  5. So much awesomeness and swagness in a little piece of fluff! MLG CAT!

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