GoPro: Drainage Ditch Kayaking

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„This is sketch. I don’t like this at all.“ Rush Sturges and Ben Marr decide to kayak a drainage ditch in Lions Bay, British Columbia. It’s a 800+ meter descent, with top speeds of 72 km/hr (45mph).


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  1. I’m surprised their kayaks didnt break due to the size of their testes.

    1. Yeah, and why didn’t they reach critical mass and vaporize the all the water when they made it to the bottom? Lol

    2. the kayaks that they are using are creekers and there from Jackson Kayaks, they dont break xD.

    1. +Draco Ford I actually put the audio through audio filters and he actually says, „I’m coming up on your reft.“ I think thought right and changed his to left mind mid word.

    1. It’s in a waterproof case, of course it doesn’t sound good. The sound outside of the waterproof case is actually pretty good though.

    2. wel its an action camera, not an action microphone…. stop bitching and go have fun.

    3. those things don’t have a case. do you not understand that you put this camera INSIDE a case?????????

    1. I just wiped my screen from your profile picture thinking it was an eyelash…

  2. wow this looks like such a rush…. hmmmm maybe go grab my yak now? 😉

  3. Video of the Day!

    „This is sketch. I don’t like this at all.“ Rush Sturges and Ben Marr decide to kayak a drainage ditch in Lions Bay, British Columbia. 

  4. That looks fun and terrifying at the same time! I’d definitely have to be in leathers to do that though. Imagine the road rash you’d get with bare arms if you accidentally flipped over :O

  5. „I’m coming up on your right“
    *comes up on left*
    Learn directions.

    1. +The EnderLord those boats were meant to get scratches there whitewater boats they go down water falls ;-;

    2. +Jude L. light scratches are different to deep gouges, a good gouge can seriously alter how a boat handles, and can weaken the boat

    3. I mean if you have a good job with constant pay you should be fine investing

    4. Probably got enough stupid fans that willingly pay to watch him to stupid stuff like this. The world is full of idiots willing to waste money like that.

  6. Can’t believe their balls were able to fit in the kayak.

    1. lmao yeah dey got cancer jst like in dat one south park epidsode xD wen randy put his nuts in da microwave to get cancer jst to smoke week

  7. That looks incredibly dangerous. Can’t wait for the „GoPro: Robbing a Bank“ video.

    1. Doggieman1111 sounds like you live a real sheltered life mate haha. Bet ya mummy didn’t let you play in puddles too ?

  8. Super fast way to grind a hole in the bottom of your kayak!

  9. I feel bad for the bottoms of those Kayaks. but still pretty cool.

    1. „Who gives a crap? “
      I bet you don’t have a boat, or just to much money to waste

  10. 1:20 starts the Amazing Race!!! this should be in the Olympics! I thought he was going to crash when he spun out..

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