GoPro: Epic Roof Jump

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    1. Editing != Next level. Editing => Next level. Math not well done.

  1. Lately on the internet it’s all been about hate… What happened to you people? Do you not enjoy anything anymore? Are you all too spoiled now?
    Whenever I opened a cool new video in the past months about people doing amazing stuff like this guy, all I see is „FAKE“ and „LAME“ and there were just almost no positive comments, we already live in a world so full of hatred, why do you spread it even further, why not just enjoy the video without saying it’s FAKE? Not saying that this one is, but even if it is, SO WHAT? It’s called „entertainment“ for a reason.
    For fucks sake people what happened to us…

    1. Its called focus slomotion its when only the part thats focussed is set to slomotion

    1. Crafting Tutorials right above your comment right now lol

    1. Fellow 9 gagger. How are you. We gottakeep it low before i funny and other guys start attacking

    2. +LycanGamingHD did you know 9gag deletes your comment if you mention reddit in it? try it out. (you have to comment and then log out)

    3. I’ve commented on this right before i went on vacation . Now i see myself in top comments wtf

  2. Oh my god. The editing in this video where they slowed the man down but kept the train going was awesome! Such a really cool effect!!

    1. the footage was edited. the footage is fake. the jump was real tho.

    2. Rumford Chimpenstein he over laped the tape to make the train go faster all is real

    3. the train was real, the jump was real, the footage of them together was fake

  3. I’m surprised the roof held up to the weight of his steel balls

    1. Razor Sharp steel? My dude I think you mean black holes encased in cast iron…

  4. when he landed he had adrenaline you saw that he almost fell on the door

    1. Only if you want to be a hero. You want to be a hero don’t you?

  5. Editing for idiots:

    Film one clip of train moving.
    Film one more clip of jump, from the exact same angle.
    Make sure the jumper isn’t in the area of the train (if you look again you’ll see that the jumper and train are never overlapping).
    Splice the video so everything below the jumper is in realtime and everything above it is in slow-moation or still.
    Bam, you’ve got two different speeds of time in one shot.

    1. 2 months later I learn a lot about video editing

      Enough to say, having the video without slow motion doesn’t mean it wasn’t edited
      not saying it’s fake, I just want to add this info here for you guys and watch things burn :]
      Wait for me to get my soda before starting the war

    2. gopros with a case on are really hard to hear audio from, its very likely the other gopro was in the „casey“ mount which leaves the mic and most if not everything else exposed to air,wind,elements

    1. +ash 1 I’m pretty sure he would jump off the other side of the roof if he found out that happened

    2. +Autumn Fool actually to get alot of the shots kinda of like james Kingston they usally do multiple shots. One with the go pro the other in a diffrent angle. and another with the train

  6. Upvote if you’re here because of American Ninja Warrior

  7. Would yall do this if someone offered you a million dollars?

    1. Yes but first I’d have to pay for training cuz he’s a professional like a literal professional

  8. Am I the ONLY one that DIDN’T come here from American Ninja Warrior?

    1. i cam from american ninja warrior as I was watching that episode last night

    1. nice little photo dude…. almost got me but i was too close to my screen

    2. +MLaylani i have seen different things like that before but you can never be sure

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