GoPro Fusion: 2017 Monster Energy Cup with Jordon Smith in 4K VR

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  1. i hate 360. you can’t make your own video. other people can just screw it up by reviewing their own angle in the video.

    1. But you can though. That’s one of GoPro fusion selling points. You can setup the camera and while editing in post you can pick and choose your shots and put out a video that isn’t in 360. This is just showing the 360 part but it can be quite powerful when you’re composing your shots out of the recorded 360 video. You can actually do this with other 360 cameras but I believe the fusion has improved stabilization.

    2. Kouki_Monster it’s called overcapture. But i’m not gonna buy fusion beacause gopro pc software is slow and not optimized for the pc Hardware at all… As soon gopro will begin making fast and more flexible software then i will think about it.

    3. Ah right gotcha. I mean do you have to use their software though? I doubt their software will ever be reasonably fast. But then again we can’t even use their software for fusion so we don’t know if its as slow as their gopro software. Which isn’t needed so I don’t really care if its slow if you don’t have to use it.

    4. agree. but as conclusion i stick with the normal gopro cameras

  2. I just don’t know. At some point we have to ask ourselves, is 360 video really all that? You just keep spinning around looking for the coolest thing to watch – all the while never quite getting satisfied. If you are the slightest bit ADD, then 360 vid becomes visual hell.

    1. What I find appealing is the fact that you can just set the camera and you essentially have any view you want. Forget the panning part. Let’s say in a specific moment you want just the front view or the rear view. This would be amazing while editing. I think the 360 panning part of it will die out but its gonna be great for setting up shots as long as the resolution isn’t crap. This did not look as good as GoPros fusion release video at all. Looked the same as a Samsung 360 with a ton of stabilization.

    2. I agree that 360 interactive isn’t that great for these types of video. In this case, it feels like you’re never sure what the content maker is wanting you to focus on. However, I think recording it in 360 and in post production, allowing the content creator to pick and choose the flow of the camera direction would be much more useful.

    3. But Overcapture though. That’s what makes me want the Fusion.

  3. awesome video GoPro cant wait to pick up the fusion i upload Motocross videos using a Hero 5

    1. 4k video for one angle camera I guess. Same thing with Samsung gear 360 2017.

  4. Wow i love it but was this shot with a 360 potatoe?

  5. campaign please both stock canadian arrival secure threat lie.

  6. Hi, great video by the way!!
    There is a part of the video where you can see the GoPro gauges in 360°. This is not available at the moment on the Fusion, correct??
    Toni Hardcastle

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