GoPro HERO3: Almost as Epic as the HERO3+

The Ultimate Everyday Carry Knife That No One Knows You Have





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  1. 3651 people didn’t like the video!! some people are very strange and very difficult to satisfy :-/

    1. +Rui Matos lol I was I meant „Could“ instead of „couldn’t“

  2. 3751 people realized that at 2:45 there is a Hero 2 on the roof

  3. This has to be the best advertisement I’ve ever seen in my life o.O

  4. This makes me feel like an awful human being. What am I doing with my life? lol

    1. You need a montage. Everything looks better with a montage.

    2. вы не цените её, а она одна у нас у всех

    1. +Sylvain Campeau They can if they set their mind to it.

    2. +Nick Nanth because they can not stand to see the girls in the water next to the whale

  5. That scene with the Humpback whales was freaking awesome!!!!!

  6. I’ve watched this video so many times, it’s just incredible. I want to do something in my life worth being in one of these videos.

  7. BUGGER I only sat down to watch a bit of you-tube with a bit of walnut cake and a cup o tea and now i want to jump out of an helicopter with a bikini on…….and i`m a bloke.

    1. +fastasfox If I wanted to find the most British comment on YouTube, here I am.

    2. +fastasfox My sentiments exactly. You are hilarious. And British much?

  8. the real question here is why isnt my hero 3 footage this good?

    1. eww.. „i know right“ <- most painful illiterate expression in english language

    2. Gopro should include a warning label in the packaging: „Action and skills are not included“

    3. Because their not using a gopro camera! They’re using high end professional and lying to you that its a gopro.

  9. To this day, best GoPro ad. The song and video go SO well together.

    1. Dude, they remixed *Overwerk – Daybreak* around this single video. Of course it works well.

    1. Nah, it’s not like we gonna die anytime soon and rebirth as a rich guy anyway, so might as well we try hard so we can have awesome life

    1. Says video about going outside and doing stuff changes his life, yet people say he has no life. -YouTube Comment Section Logic

    2. MOTOWENS So now after more than a year I’m wondering: did it actually change your life?

  10. People don’t understand how these shots are so stable but when they buy a GoPro camera they realize they can’t make stable shots like these without image stabilizer…

    1. I agree. I think gopro advertising video is done with really high end cameras and not these ones they sell at all. Ive done underwater with gopro and its absolute crap. Nothing like their advertising shows.

    2. I believe it is the same GoPro cameras they sell. You just need some extra equipment, bright lighting, a little understanding of cameras, and most importantly a lot of patience. They probably toss out over 90% of the footage, and only keep the good stuff. But I’ve seen some GoPro footage from other channels that’s of similar quality.

      Besides, think about it, if they had a better camera of the same size, why wouldn’t they be selling it? Product throughput is one of the best ways to drive down the price, which helps you maintain product throughput. If they had the power to make a camera that good affordable, they would make much more money on it than if it were some exclusive they use just for advertising. And that money they get could be used to develop better cameras.

  11. i still come back to watch this in 2016, awesome video, and Overewerk made a superb job

  12. The best video in my life. It is only video I watch again and again.

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