GoPro HERO4: The Adventure of Life in 4K

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  1. Video of the Day!

    The Adventure of Life in 4K. Shot on the brand new HERO4 cameras. 

    1. Can you please tell us the editor’s name? Thank you 🙂

  2. its so funny how all these gopro ads look nothing like what i shoot, no matter how great the lighting. The below comment aobut them using red cameras in this commercial is so believeable.

    1. +MrCorfuz
      And that is important because…?

      I never claimed they were great to begin with.

    2. For sure I have a red dragon on my gopole right now and another on my dji quad copter

    3. True, but it seems gopro videos on YouTube are poor quality unless you have loads of channel views, no matter how good they are edited.

  3. Are only the first person perspective shots filmed by the HERO4 or is everything filmed here with the HERO4?  I get the feeling only the 1st person stuff was HERO4 and the rest was high quality cameras…. because the footage doesn’t look as great once it goes into 1st person perspectives… and I think that’s what the HERO4 looks like… kinda compressed and blurry

    1. +Peter Johnston My mate has the Hero 4, i have the Hero 3 balck, i cant see any difference at all in the footage except the fov is slightly wider.You can get a Hero 3 for around $250 now

    2. +Swipeeh sweg It’s not 4K though. It’s 4K res, but it isn’t even close to 4K quality.

    3. +Swipeeh sweg The Go Pro Hero has the same quality as the GoPro Hero 3 WHITE. The 3 black and silver supersede the Hero

  4. If you buy this camera, all of these things will happen to you!

    1. +dsouzand if I buy this camera *you* will become a paper weight. Just got back from downhill mountain biking the empire state building staircase. Will post my +getpro videos soon!!!

    1. well , i am not able to see it , cuz my eyes are bad , i need better ones.

  5. 1. Don’t forget, that on the video are just MOMENTS of life! A person’s life cannot always be bright and beautiful, and a dream that lasts forever, gets boring overtime.
    2. I’ll pay 1 billion dollar to the man who swims in lava.

    1. Stanislav G. You cant swin in lava it isnt like water. It is still so thick that its almost solid

    2. If you are a robot than why did you put in selling mistakes?

    1. +TechGameHD Yeah I know what you mean, but there are other ways to have fun. 

    2. +Max McTabish
      How „to have fun“? – wow, I have just realized I have some „fun“ while reading this comment!
      Honestly, sometimes I wish there was less „fun“ in my life – one can better perceive reality without having „fun“.
      Is not „fun“ just a way how to get some chemicals into brain so that it is more about those chemicals and less about all the reality around?
      I feel like I was not born to have „fun“ (at least not most of the time).

    3. +Max McTabish
      Fun is just a drug precursor and life can be lived without it so that one is more fulfilled.
      Sitting under a tree near your house for one hour can give you more than climbing an iceberg…
      By more I do not mean more adrenaline, serotonin, endogenous morphine, testosterone, …

    4. +Eltwarg nahh dude. My life would be nothing without the things that I do to have fun. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    1. 4K has 4X the amount of pixels hence 1080p being 1920X1080 and 4K AKA 2160p being 3840X2160

    2. I just watched it in 360 p because when I tried 720 it buffered

    3. Not just that. On YouTube 4K is given massively more bitrate than 1080p, so you could upscale your video to from 1080p to 4k (or even just 1440p) before uploading to youtube and get the added benefit of more bitrate, even though you don’t get more sharpness.

  6. Damn video, makes me want to sell my kidney and buy a gopro.

    1. All you need is a valid credit card.
      Keep your organs…you need them.

    2. The thing is though it ends up costing a lot more to get visuals like this. Most of the people in this video are using multiple cameras and 1000 dollar drones to get camera angles like these

    3. How much you want for it? Will I have to collect it myself? Or can you manage shipping??

    1. did they edit out the vocals or is there a version already done without the vocals?

    1. because its a free world people can do what they want

    2. Because they probably can’t afford a gopro and dislike these videos for existing ^^

    3. the same thought that came to my mind 😀 who are those 2806 dislikers?

    4. Maybe it’s people who bought a GoPro and did not manage to get to the quality of these videos.

    1. Vincent Vega just live and game on and be rich and be successful

    1. NagualShaman66 hell no… Australian accents piss me off… but not as much as English

  7. And then there’s me sitting in bed with a double chin

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