GoPro HERO5 + Karma: The Launch in 4K

STRIKELIGHT™ – The Ultimate Self-Defense Tactical Flashlight





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  1. Without doubt – your launch videos are one of its kind! 🙂 Really excited about how those new products will help us filmmakers create better stories!

    1. Looks Amazing! I just don’t understand the chipmunk music, but hey, who cares, probably because it’s nuts.

  2. I am actually more impressed by the stabiliser thing for the gopro than by the drone, although I really want both tbh

    1. I am new to go pro world. How are you guys confirming that gimbal was used along with go pro 5 in this video ?

    1. Игровой канал Fresh'a sagt:

      Ты что сдесь забыл вроде сабвуферы и камеры разные вещи

    2. Игровой канал Fresh’a а снимаю я на что видео про сабвуферы?

    1. Be sure to subscribe to my channel guys were almost at 15 subscribers!!!! 😀

  3. Thanks friend, I love your tmj channel.

  4. My life makes me sad when I watch stuff like that. Traffic jams, office work, meetings, mortgage repayment, bills….. how do I get out of this freaking situation I’m in? Wasting my life away :'(

    1. Nevenblue just stop. Stop what you’re doing, stop the fear, go live

    2. Nevenblue… Who says these people don’t have the same stuff…they just have different hobbies and film themselves doing their hobby, but you have to get your butt out there on a bike, board, skates, skis, trail, river, ocean, etc and record everything you do, then edit out all the boring bits… Life takes effort to enjoy it, but not as much as you think… Cheers

    3. Hey man it all starts with your thoughts and actions if you want to travel more or find inner peace you got to start with thoughts and faith in your self you got to love yourself to love everything else. If you want a better more quality life start to love everything you’ll see no matter where you at its beautiful just like these shots of nature

    4. I always say “ be careful how many hours of your life you sell, you cant buy them back at the end“

    1. majority of these clips emphasize the beauty of the nature. walking int the woods is free. people should really appreciate their surroundings more

  5. on the box they should say…

    interesting life sold seperatly

  6. I miner my pc i7 6700k 1070 sli and I watch this video in 480p))))

  7. The Moment when you Relize you have no money or talent … ._.

    1. Rip you don’t need that much money to do these things, i bet you could go on eBay and find a full ski setup or $100

  8. My english is not good but why make go pro his own viedeos not withe his one cameras i dont so an panorame view? at some times they made it withe the hero 5 but not at every time

  9. this is the perfect video for this song indian summer

  10. GoPro Karma, karma grip & the Hero 5… Fantastic, best money I’ve ever spent, easy to fly, easy to use, and the customer service. I had an issue that was my fault, they took care of me like I was their best friend, seriously… If you a leaning towards this setup you WILL NOT be disappointed.

  11. WOW. So beautiful video and music. Thank you so much and have a lovely week everyone

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