GoPro: HERO6 – Getting the Shot with Torstein Horgmo

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  1. Wow awesome! fantastic extreme video!
    I love GOPRO!!!!!

    1. yeah the price, true story, 100-200€ less and this cam would be unbeatable.

    2. priced themselves out of the market. sony and dji are killing it at the moment

    3. o0bananaman0o honestly the karma is way better than dji’s mavic

    4. DJI is doing a good job, but if you actually compare the dynamic range available on the GoPro 6, this camera is blowing every other camera out of the water. I have a 5 and thinking of selling it to buy the 6.

  2. РЫБАЛКА И ОХОТА В ТАЙГЕ. Коми. sagt:

    Вот тут картинка ОГОНЬ!!!!

    1. РЫБАЛКА И ОХОТА В ТАЙГЕ. Коми. sagt:

      у меня есть HERO 3+blek.


    1. try to find with this:
      Reign 04×09 OST – Roscoe Williamson, Vincent McCreith and Louise Macnamara – We’re Lost

    2. It would be great if I could find the instrumental or one without singing :/

    3. SlenderCam Gaming then you have to go to the site in the description which is and type in we’re lost click on it and play the instrumental version. If you want to download it or use it you have to buy a license or something

  3. This video is more interesting and engaging than the launch video. But it’s not gonna grab the 10M+ view-count. That being said, videos like this should resonate more with the GoPro target market. Keep ‚em up.

  4. Without a doubt my favorite GoPro video yet. I love how the team combined the behind the scenes aspect with the shots & showed what they were trying to get. I’d love to see more of these.

    1. Ryan Wilson Dude, you should watch gopro’s Chasing AdVANture video, its like the final product!

  5. Does any one knows how he tilts the camera up/down with the karma grip when using the long sticks for the followcam shot at 5:21 to 5:31? Or is the tilting locked all the time?

    1. Thats smart, thanks for the reply.
      So he probably has a remote in his hand that allows him to control when to lock the tilt and when to follow

    2. lets not make this difficult, all he did was extend the arm, so the shot went higher above ground. You don’t have to over-analyse

    3. @Stiqurz_ He definitely did have his arm up in the beginning and then lower afterwards, but my question was how did he manage to have the camera up high and pointing down, and then close to the ground but pointing up, because from what I know the Karma grip can’t tilt up and down by itself (it only holds the tilt in one position)

    4. it’s definitely locked. There’s no way he messed with tilting when there’s a million other things he has to concentrate on.

  6. The best gopro video I have ever seen. Please make more like this.

    1. It has been heavily edited to fit the video so there’s no version available only the original which has vocals and stuff…It’s called PSYBASSCAT – Synchro . you won’t find it here on youtube.

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