GoPro HERO6: This Is the Moment in 4K

The Ultimate Everyday Carry Knife That No One Knows You Have



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  1. 3:23 „Hey let’s mount the GoPro to the shark!“

    1. Theres someone following the shark, its not mounted. Its included in this video.

    2. RP panganiban nope, the gopro is on the Shark’s dorsal fin, watch the video linked in the reply above.

    3. Video DSLR Tutorial
      I’m pretty sure that was just a swimmer following the shark closely

  2. The goal is to live life like youre in a gopro commercial

  3. My boyfriend designed, built and launched the rocket you see at 4:10! So proud!!!

  4. Keep in mind that this is editing by a professional video editor and all footages have been selected and shot by professional video-photographers.
    Your footages will be way far away from that quality if you don’t have the nevessary skills to shot and edit your videos…

    1. YouTube compresses videos no matter what. They just used the optimal 4k render settings. Nothing to difficult to figure out, Google search is your friend.

    2. well those professional surely started from nothing! everyone will learn if they want to. theres also a thing called practice

  5. this channel should be blocked, it blows my wallet away everytime

    1. haha yeah hard to not become addicted to gopro product especially when you travel and/or live intense experience, it gives it another dimension

  6. you’ve have gotten to the point where it would be dumb to fake the pov shots

  7. i have seen reviews people are saying hero 5 is better than hero 6 in terms of sharpnss and quality. Only best part about hero 6 is the EIS

    1. Praneel Ramanan what about double the frame rates……….

    2. Please, the EIS is not even worth it , I had to buy a karma grip for great stabilization because even though the stabilization is pretty great on the hero 6 , you can’t use it when it’s a little bit darker or if there is some bright spots because it gives you a blurry ghost effect and the video is ruined. My best advice would be to get the hero 5 or another brand

  8. If this doesn’t make you want to go out and enjoy life then I don’t know what will

    1. Lu haha man people these days, need to be have money and rich in order to experience life when that isn’t always the case

    2. Divorced with 2 little kids. Struggling to reach the end of the month. I think I will accept your money to go around the world and play with a GoPro.

    3. For some people it is though. Not everyone lives in a place/spot where they can go out and do the things they want.

    4. totally agree just want to explore everything everywhere with this kind of video

    1. ItsDub_ LOL! Marriage, house, kids . . . forget toys. Took me 25 years to get another motorbike. Last one was stolen in 1992 and didn’t get another until 2017. Nothing special even then.

    2. Mike Parry I don’t even want kids or a marriage. And if you get a good job you can afford a motorcycle if whatever you want.

  9. Why don’t you just make a camera that doesn’t have any lens distortion? All of these professional videographers get rid of the „fisheye“ effect in post anyways… what’s the point of even having it?

    1. There’s a setting on the GoPro for a ‚linear‘ view that elimates the fish eye look entirely.

    2. GoPro is first and foremost an action camera. The point of having the fish eye effect is to have a wider field of view, enabling you to more accurately depict whatever „action“ you are shooting. For example riding a motocross with a GoPro mounted on your helmet, using a wider field of view more accurately depicts the sense of speed and also lets you see what the rider is seeing; the riders around him, the way his body moves around the bike, etc. If it is mounted on a drone you might want to use a more linear FOV, since it is a much more static mount and it is easier to focus in on one specific rider. Or for example a vlogger, filming ordinary stuff like a city, a cafe, their apartment, they’d use a more linear FOV to avoid warping/unnatural look in the image.

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