GoPro: Karma + HERO6 in 4K

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    1. Did u just said karma is a dji hahahahahha dji is always a step infront in drones my friend

    2. Financial Education And you finally “ain’t here” anymore. How is the investment view when you finally close all GPRO position. It does seem a pretty unwise move, isn’t it?

    3. Umair Khattak GoPro just shun its Karma unit. Who’s whose killer again?

  1. IS THIS THE REAL SOUND RECORDED ON THE GOPRO when the people are holding the Karma Grip?????

    1. puds boi nice, the 6 and the karma drone are my next setup besides my hero 5, i want it to film some arial footage but im nit trying to be a pro to get the best expensive drone but if the touch zoom on the 6 works with karma control and screen it will be alot better

    2. NISMO_NICK Devil-Z NYSR I never had the 5, I had the 4black which was good anyway, but the 6 is superb with the stabilisation and zoom.. only thing I’ve found is the low light being rubbish and it’s meant to be good ! The karma grip for me is the best thing. In combo with the 6 I’m very impressed

    3. There is NO WAY that is GoPro audio. You can’t even use an external mic with the Karma Grip. Always remember that GoPro loaded these hipsters up with the tools to make them an advertisement. I like my GoPro but it is never as nice as these make it seem.

    4. Guys guys guys, no more need to argue. Karma is discontinued and one must be insane to buy a $900 product with uncertain service and updates. Besides, we all know why Karma is discontinued. If it were because of tighten regulation like it said, DJI would not have launched Spark and Mavic Platinum last year.

  2. The fact that GoPro is trying to brag about having a follow me mode…. Better hope this thing doesnt fall out of the sky again!

    1. NOMADS ummmm…. that GPS enabled follow me mode? Isn’t it what most other drones have since 2014?

    2. Yep. The karma did not have a single intelligent flight mode last year, and still doesn’t have obstacle avoidance. It’s just a flying liability

    1. lol right, i saw the thumbnail and figured gopro was snaking footage from creators again Lolmao

  3. Hmmm. GoPro forgetting to tell you that you need a pilot’s license for any type of commercial use paid or unpaid? I guess that doesn’t fit into the youth marketing.

    1. Rogers Photography not really, you just need your drone FAA licensed

    2. that’s only if you monetise your videos (put ads on them) if you don’t then you don’t need one.

    3. Well I’m not a big watcher of Youtube but I heard that if you use a song which is © and the vid is popular then youtube will leave it up but add commercials hence „commercial use“ even though you didn’t intend it. Hey, personally IDGAF but would hate to see some poor unsuspecting kid get a letter from the FAA…

    4. nah that’s not true, because for there to be ads on your video you need to have a registered adsense account so that you can actually get paid for the ads. even if youtube did decide to randomly put ads on your video because it’s popular, which they can’t, then you aren’t liable for it, because you didn’t have the intent to make money.
      Also if a song is CopyRighted then you can’t put ads on it, and you shouldn’t even be able to use it unless you have permission, but if ads get streamed because you are using a copy righted song then you are still okay, but generally you just aren’t allowed to use a CR song

    5. Could be right but I wouldn’t want to be on the litigation end of an FAA complaint. They could make your life less than easy. That being said I err on the side of caution. I also use Vimeo for any serious work.

    1. SuperCreeper27 Now, the only thing you must have is Mavic Pro….. since Karma is discontinued!

    1. Bigdroneguy So…. you are comparing GoPro “prestige” customer service to one of the worst in the industry? Seriously?

    2. Casey Gosselin …. I am afraid that feature is discontinued…. along with Karma!

    1. u r so cuteeeeee Im falling in love 
      Enjoy the life

  4. Guys… please come out with something really new and innovative before mentioning it. You owe your fans that much. GPS based tracking is nothing new. Most drones in 2014 has that feature. Tilting up without seeing a prop was achievable with Mavic since last year.

    And for a drone with a poor record in radio and GPS signal with object avoidance, are you sure you want to encourage people to lose the sight of the drone? No kidding!

  5. @1:22

    Is it recorded with the gopro or the dslr she’s carrying? sneaky sneaky

  6. hey GoPro or somebody who know answer to my question !!! 🙂 how is that that all of these people in this video have such a good audio quality while using grip? I guess they are using microphone but I can’t see no microphone in shadow at 0:49 only she have other GoPro mounted on grip but I can see no mic, so how are you doing it? and you know what, you guys should figure out how to attache mic while using grip, because I have grip but audio is very bad while camera is in grip but I found a way but it’s too complicated, I’m using my phone a have rode mic in my phone and I’m just recording audio to my phone and then I’m putting video from GoPro and audio from phone 🙂 I mean it’s little bit complicated but that’s the only way what I figured how to have good audio while using karma 🙂

    1. they record the audio from a second Gopro that is mounted together with the karma grip but on a regular frame that is ok for sound. it is the gopro that is recording on 0:22

    2. I don’t think so because I have Hero 5 and I have much much MUCH worst audio quality than this one, so I assume that they either improved audio quality rapidly from Hero 5 to Hero 6 (which I believe they didn’t) or they are using different source to record audio which I thing is what it is :))

    3. They record their lines in a studio, on a mic, as they’re watching the video they recorded. You do that a few times till you get pretty accurate. Its an old movie making technique.

  7. I just got my own HERO6 with Karma and I love it!! I used to have a DJI Phantom 3 but the Karma blows it away! In fact, even my post workflow is faster! I had time to make a video for my channel in like 1 hour because tof Go Pro’s Pro tune setting!

    1. Echo Productions now that you know that Karma is discontinued, would you change your position?

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