GoPro: Kayaking Iceland with The Serrasolses Brothers in 4K

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    1. That first waterfall he ran is completely insane. I stood right beside it and in front of it. Videos or pictures don’t do it justice. Even his gopro on the front of the kayak didn’t survive the impact, that thing is a monster.

    2. I was surprised at your analytical and highly ridiculous comments.

    3. Heey !!

      Me and my cousin are making very good videos with Gopro, if you are interested, go through our channel!

  1. Wasn’t first to comment, because I had to watch it twice … it’s soooo good!

  2. Quin gust veure gent de la provincia de Lleida a gopro

  3. 5:04 is one of the moments, you can exactly see how much they care for each other. After landing, he immediately looked for his brother. This moment really put a smile on me!

  4. like si entens l’idioma del video.
    El CATALÀ!!!!!!

    1. Quina passada el Gopro i ara encara més. Estan ben sonats aquets germans.

  5. I’ve never gotten chills watching a GoPro video…….but that view looking up watching him pump on his brothers chest, damn. What an epic story! So glad it turned out okay!

  6. Guys dont waiste your life sitting at pc or not doing something because other people say u cant do it etc. DO CRAZY THINGS AND MAKE MEMORYS! DONT WAISTE YOUR LIFE, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL AND FULL OF OPPURTUNITYS!

  7. ye live fully everyday, but dude we need to go to work for a living, i am sure if there be no need any material thing they would do what they want 😀

  8. for those who don’t know, his language is catalan. Just info, dont hate

  9. What have i seen!
    Colours of life.
    This shows us that even after the tragedies in life, keep thriving. You are lucky to be alive.
    Love From Pakistan.

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