GoPro: Léo Taillefer’s Sketchy Line Wins March Line of the Winter

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  1. I wish I just know how to ski lol let alone do that lol

    1. +Scott Anderson I was hoping someone was going to mention him!

    2. +MrUnicorn +Scott Anderson +evchamo2 Would you guys be able to leave some feedback on my most recent ski edit!?  I am planning on making a 9-10 min GoPro video and want to know if it is looking good so far!  Thank you!

    3. +JackGermain13 As long as you are taking worthy footage of looking at, then i’d be happy to watch it. If it is one little bit bad I will immediately dislike it. Take your chance.


  2. I don’t know whats bigger… the mountains around him or his balls.

  3. I take it the animal calls are to let folk know he’s coming through?

    1. +Ross Grant Yeah, better than trying to speak to them when they might be speaking completely different languages.

    2. +drewski2cool He is a wack job for actually flying down this, that was pretty crazy.

  4. Wow, he deserved line of the winter. That was so badass

    1. Human. That was slight slowmo though so it seems further. That and a big field of view make it look huge.

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    1. He’s doing that to signal that he’s coming to the people so he doesn’t get cut off. That’s also a pretty damn stupid reason because it’s not about the guys voice it about the line. If you don’t want to hear anything mute it…

    2. For example the fact that they slow down his jumps just in order to make it look like he has more airtime.

    3. +CreeperKiller_07 Even not slowed down that first one was amazing.

    4. +iWumbologyy I liked the video but I wanted to give you an example. Maybe you just don’t enjoy watching extreme sports. There is always something someone might not like.

  5. His run could’ve been twice as good if people weren’t in his way, but then again there was no where for them to go.

    1. +harrylatka1 I personally think that it made his run better because It’s harder to avoid people and added complexity to his run

    2. +harrylatka1 I’ve been many times in this place and there’s always a lot of people

    3. you can tell they all have no business being on that run, everybody standing around recovering from their falls, catching their breath, whatever.

  6. How to tell if someone is crazy:
    1. They go right in front of someone taking a picture.
    2. They caw like a bird when skiing.

    1. Holy crap, I’ve watched this thing at least 10 times never noticed him. Good catch, just plain weird, dude is almost creepy. And Léo Taillefer what can one say, he is beyond amazing.

    1. +bob jones at the summit / the top really made me think its the same location as where Megavalanche is being arranged.

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