GoPro: Line of the Winter March 2016 Co-winner Blaine Gallivan



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    1. +NRTDX the fact that you associate that fraise with isis shows your ignorance

    2. +Eddie O’Connor am german i just can the basics of english but pls this is blackhumor chill don’t take all to hard

    3. NᴏᴠɪᴄᴇIɴDɪsɢᴜɪsᴇ sagt:

      +Eddie O'Connor I actually don’t tend to associate strawberries with isis very often

  1. Hope this guy wins! Dropping into corbets on a hard pack day takes some guts!!

    1. +Armada i hope he wins too. it is also more impressive cause he’s blind in one eye

    1. Unless you like staying on the front side terrain parks, skis are way more versatile, nimble and fast. You only see the very best snowboarders on rugged, steep terrain.

    2. Mr Ben Brown good disishion I’m a skier and a snowboarder and skiing is faster and more fun

    3. Mr Ben Brown you watch to much YouTube, you comment on everything haha

  2. sorry but Candid Thovex has the line of the winter this year and every year lol.

  3. So want to see the looks on people’s faces watching as he goes past and drops at 0:50 lol

    1. Kristopher Nielsen , haha yea, it looks like they’re sizing up the drop and dude just rolls up and hucks it like nothing!

  4. My study shows that skiers and Leo Taillefers have a 75% chance of winning line of the winter.
    Sorry snowboarders

    1. „Leo Taillefers“ lol xD but yea in general skiers just charge harder, loving when boarders go all out though!

  5. Really, ties for line of the month? Yeah that was a crazy drop in, but the rest of the line was nothing special, conditions weren’t great, and his GoPro wasn’t even secured properly, that really makes this a sub-par video in my opinion.

    1. That’s why he is a co winner, the winner isn’t determined by how well their production quality is, it’s basically the line they run. And it was some pretty impressive skiing

    1. Obviously good to keep the poles with you, but I do know someone that broke his thumb because his pole got caught in a tree and the strap pulled his thumb back quite nastily, so I’d be careful having them on around trees…

    2. I agree he looks like he’s going around 70 mph (guessing) when he lands, One would not think ski poles attached would be a good idea.

  6. Who else gets hyped for the 2016-17 season after watching this?

    1. I’m assuming you’re from Scandinavia. I’m from the Netherlands, so the way Niels is spelled here is pretty common. But nice to hear haha 😛

    2. Joey Lalpaca I are it but in Småland is summer =rain and wind and winter =rain and wind

  7. Fist time I’ve seen footage of someone riding Lib Skis

    1. Also, pretty sure he hucked this further than the TGR athletes did in their Corbet’s video.

  8. That sounded pretty damn hard. Dude has freakin titanium knees!!

  9. This guy dropped into corbetts couloir no problem… Wtf man!

  10. At the start I was like I can do that

    Then he drops of the cliff

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