GoPro: Meet Fusion and Relive Reality

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  1. …aaaand the stock keeps going downwards. Nice camera though

    1. Dude. smartphones <<<<<<<<< action cameras. What are you on about? It's like saying that iPhones will take a number of Red Digital Cinema. Use!!!

    2. Spyros Fougias He isnt wrong, friend. Us customers tend to look at things as to what we are getting for a certain price: if a phone is waterproof up to (or down to) 10m, many people will debate between paying an extra 500€ for a camera or just getting a new phone.
      A great living example is Karma. It’s probably not even half as good as the DJI Mavic, but for the price you get a removable gimbal, a bag and even a GoPro camera if you get the other version. That’s why Karma succeeded more than expected after the release of Mavic

    3. You just don’t get of what I am saying. A phone and an action camera CAN NOT DO the same job and of course at the same quality. Period. Will you mount an iPhone to your head and go snowboarding? Will you mount it on a dirtbike? etc etc etc. Action cameras have a specific purpose. If you buy an action camera just to take a photo 10m under the water then you (not you you) are stupid. Same goes to phones vs cameras. If you want a perfect picture/video, zoom etc, you will buy a camera and exchange lenses. If you just want a desent result, you just use your phone.

    4. Spyros Fougias well obviously gopro wont suddenly lose all of it’s customers, but if only 2% go away because of a new iphone feature, itll already be a huge corporate income loss

    5. Spyros, you have a point, but unfortunately, many consumers don’t think the same way. Not everyone, who wants a camera, doing extreme sports (or just sports). Some just buy it for hiking, traveling or vlogging.

  2. This is one implementation of 360 camera tech that I would use, amazing. Not looking forward to the price tho.

    1. This is probebly more for the pros that actually making money from video creating so I would say it will be relativity affordble to them if you consider all the things this camera can do for them

    2. Alex its for anyone who does not work as a burger flipper.

    1. Yeah…. it look sick because it is not ready! While Insta 360, VIRB360 and the likes already have them!

    1. que nada, contando impostos e tudo é só multiplicar por 5.5 .. uns 4k

  3. Can’t wait to see what Casey Neistat does with this.

    1. Bailey Kira all I’m saying is presenting the pros and cons is what everyone does Casey is no different then everyone else except for a few people who break down all of the technical specifications and actually help you understand why it’s a better camera, also Casey is sloppy and breaks and neglects everything

    2. his reviews are very surfaced level. and for some products he is blatantly biased. im a neistat fan btw.

    3. i dont think he will use it that much. samsung has done 360 and casey barely utilizes it. its just not optimal for vlogging or his way of story telling. he also barely uses gimbals. for the longest time he just used his dslr and phone. the drone was only in the last year.

    4. it will probably fly away on one of his drones, never to be seen again…

  4. „You shouldn’t have to point at what you want to film, you should just be able to film what you are experiencing.“ – Nick.
    Dang, Did GoPro just make 360 cameras cool?

    1. You don’t think they were cool before? 360 cameras are amazing. Overcapture is going to change everything for amateur filmers

    2. Took them a long time to finally make one falling behind competation lol

    3. Joshua Tulberg, Nope, he copy that concept from other, change its name and make it sound as if it is his idea…. and dragging his feet too!

  5. Can’t wait to see more footage of this! overcapture looks crazy cool!
    Edit: diving with this thing would be….. <3 would be nice to know its max depth

    1. Apparently it’s waterproof up to 16 ft (5 m) without a case. Hopefully they make a case for it that will withstand greater depths.

  6. You never realize how boring your life is until you have to ask yourself: „what would I use that for?“

    1. Ben Godfrey Well i can find 1000… I quess my life isn’t boring

    2. lol that’s funny I do that with my action cam already half the time . some people really like to get passive aggressive with the replies, theres always gotta be one… I just envision the tone involved „well I can find 1000..i guess my li..“ SMACK!! haha

  7. *Интересная камера получилась эта **#GoProFusion* Впечатлили эффекты „протяженная панорама“ и „временной сдвиг“ А вот как действует самый крутой эффект, когда мужик летит, а камера его снимает спереди я так и не понял??? *Кто понял на чем она держится?, ведь его руки заняты управлением парашютом?*

  8. I use the GoPro for a lot of MTB videos!! Check them out!

  9. thank you @GoPro ! You make my dreams come true. I look forward to 5.2K+ gopros for a true 1:1 Pixel to sensory eye cells ratio. Its a long way for VR to reach that (125 Megapixel), but i am sure you can realize it one day! You are my hero

  10. Damn. Now I have to hustle to get this camera. Looks so lit. Omg. I will get this camera via purchasing or sponsorship ! I’m gonna make it happen.

  11. Ana-Tole x MORiLLO “Flashes” isn’t release yet? I cant find it on google…

  12. Does anyone know is 5.2k 360 the equivalent of 1080p for one perspective?

    1. Jacob Willford the problem with that is that a normal camera doesn’t capture a complete half sphere

    2. Canadian Prepper love your channel keep up the good work bro!

    3. Canadian Prepper, that is slightly wider than the super distorted GoPro Wide View. You will get way less than FHD at distorted Normal View (if there is such an option)

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