GoPro: Meet HERO6 Black + QuikStories in 4K

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  1. Does this mean a price drop for the Hero 5? I’ve been wanting to upgrade from my Hero 2 😀

    1. IKEA MONKEY *on lsd* but yi 4k doesn’t have image stabilization and i don’t think it’s video quality is the same as compared to the new generation of GoPros… Btw i recommend one thing if you want a high end camera(not for sports) you should buy Lg v30. It’s a nice phone and it has awesome camera.

    2. IKEA MONKEY *on lsd* you clearly haven’t seen the new revamp hero 2, look at the videos quality is not the same old and original camera there big guy

  2. WHAAAT ABOUT SOUND DAMNIT??? Sound quality in the Hero5 is absolutely HORRIBLE!!! No improvements??

    1. We have to wait for the reviews. They’ll come soon enough.

    2. You can’t have a shielded waterproof etc camera with good sound. Use external sound and combine in post.

    3. I have hero 6 and 5 and all I can say that the 5 is better than 6.

    1. SuperHamrick94 i was thinking of a trade in also. if its offered.

    2. The reason the form has stayed the same is so that GoPro doesn’t have to update Karma and its mounts. If the form changed then either they would have to also release a new Karma or new Karma Mounts as the balance would have changed as well as the size.

    3. Rory Edwards I am glad karma is finally getting updates we want.

    4. Just Tex Yeah, but the performance is better. I prefer the Hero 5

    5. Yes but more features. Its pretty much a Hero 5 with more things added.

  3. yo gopro im going on an adventure to all the national parks in colorado next week you should lend me this

  4. Seems very similar to the GOPRO5 in terms of specs and looks. May wait for the next model…

    1. Logan Trischett so that’s great if you care about super slow motion, but my go pro is for action, not cinematic slow motion shots. Also the stabilization is a greatly improved featured from last model but can be achieved in post as well. The majority of consumers who bought the GoPro5 also bought the karma grip to stabilise so won’t fork out for a new model when they already have a good setup with the previous model.

    2. Philip Claas what features specifically are you looking for that you’re not getting then? I’m curious. The only thing I’d like to see is optical stabilization

    3. Logan Trischett I’m not. That’s the point I’m already happy with the features and price of the 5, and believe the the 6 is a revamped model. The 7 will hopefully be more promising In terms of battery life, software and audio.

    4. Philip Claas im buying a gopro tomorrow for the first time since gopro + . Lol

      Gopro 5 is 440$ and gopro 6 is 590$ both on a good sale. What should i grab? Mainly my backpacking travels videos.

    1. Артем Лащонов, Где ватное быдло, там всегда мат, срач, говно, дерьмо и разруха. 😀

    2. Ну чтож, пора устроить хохлосрач.
      „А вот в Рашке таких камер не делают“ – верно укро-кастрюле-воины???

    3. Толи дело человек с аватаром из флагов чужих ему стран. Лизнул так лизнул. Пиз…ц противно. Я вот в Германии живу, люблю эту страну, очень нравится. Но родина есть родина – Россия. А ты родину то продал за пирожок..

  5. it only is looking cool because the video editing believe me guys

    1. +Ricki Smith Pros have used digital stabilization for ages, in Premiere, Avid and FPCX. If it’s good enough in-camera it saves time in post, which pros, especially in fields like journalism, care for a lot (plus the camera can potentially use info like movement sensor data that the post-processing stabilization program doesn’t have and do a better result at smart stabilization).

    2. Uh, the footage is still shot on the GoPro, so what’s your point exactly?

    3. Samuel Dillinger you can film with a cheaper camera and edit so it looks extremely similar to this.

    1. DjIch1 i would rather have a mavic than karma because karma is drifting

    2. If you watch the introduction of gopro 4, 5 and 6 after each other they sound really stupid.

      Correct me if my English isn’t correct, it’s not my first language

    1. pretty much everything they on this camera they could have given the 5 with a firmware update, but hey those crashing market shares, and to think of something quick.

  6. I use the GoPro for a lot of MTB videos!! Check them out!

  7. Thumbs up if you’re hanging on to your Hero 4 or 5 until Hero 7 and Karma 2 launch. Nice new features tho.

    1. thumbs up for the karma 2 launch but i am going to sell my gopro 5 for the 6

    2. Bro im still using a hero 3 white edition 🙁 hahaha

    1. I bet they wont actually double the fps for the hero 7

    2. TaylorCraft nothing is like gopro? i have d same action camera as gopro but its made in china all the same except for d price tag il wait for china version of this thing.
      btw smartphone is way better, easy to use, can edit n upload right away!
      tell me now, nothing like gopro?
      oh btw my china made action camera is tough n lasted long until now still working.

    1. I bought my Hero 4 Black just a week before Hero 5 was announced ;~;

  8. Eu sou doido pra ter uma Go pro! Tem como me dar uma por favor ?

  9. Интересная камера судя по обзору, интересно чем Сони ответит, по крайне мере Сонька мне больше нравилась даже по насыщенным цветам

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