GoPro: Ocean Ramsey and a Great White Shark

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  1. I know that not all sharks are killers. But swimming up beside one, holding onto its fin, and petting it like a goat at the petting zoo seems pretty stupid IMO…

    1. +Matt Bullock
      great whites are really misunderstood… this girl is having 0 risk, only with the shark attitude that this great white is showing, it is clear it is not hunting.

    2. +Matt Bullock Not trying to criticize you here. But touching a shark from a cage is probably more dangerous than what she is doing. Sharks ARE misunderstood. I’ve only just begun diving (got a GoPro today!), but after spending time with different types of sharks (sand/tiger sharks, bull, black/white tip) One thing is clear. They are like any other animal. Like dogs, who have moods, good and bad, they have postures. You know when a dog is angry, scared, sad, or happy by their body language. You read them. Sharks posture just the same way. They get into bad moods and good moods. Moods when you should not swim with them, when you can swim with them. A dog can kill you just as easily with a bite to the neck as a shark can. That’s not to say the rules aren’t different. But they aren’t monsters. Not in the slightest. I don’t think the awe inspiring feeling I get when swimming with them will ever go away, and I love it.

    3. thats probably the safest situation, its already let you know it dont give a crap about you.

    4. You can swim beside a shark in the ocean. But you can’t run beside a wild lion in a savannah. So yes, sharks are misunderstood.

    5. sharks are a behaviour pattern. if you know them you are fine. the whole „shark attacks humans“ thing is ridiculously false.

  2. This has to be one of the best videos on YouTube hands down….

    1. youtoober2013 oh look another shark fearmonger. If the shark can clearly see youre a person and you are not agitating it, it couldnt give 2 shits about you and it most certainly won’t eat you. Sharks don’t eat people: fact. Almost all shark attacks occur when the shark mistakes the person for its natural food or the shark is in murky water so it takes an investigative bite. The USS Indianapolis seems to be pretty much the only case ever where sharks were attacking people seemingly to eat them and thst was when there were hundereds of dead bodies in the water and there was blood everywhere.

    2. UKoctane
      I know all this.
      You should see my other comments defending them.
      I didnt mean to fear monger.
      I just have a shitload of respect for it.
      If it wanted to… it could.

    3. youtoober2013 absolutely lol. My bad for misreading what you said.

    1. Nathan Connolly dumb idiot disgusting bastard. Get some help kid. Your dumb and should be embarrased.

    2. Samsung Or Apple why should he,he passed an amusing comment. You should either stop taking life so seriously or ignore comments that upset you(which is still a conundrum to me). Please explain what is so wrong with Nathan Connolly comment?

    1. that not befriend…. This shark just think she is giant pilot fish.

    2. Luter Leko how do you know what the shark thinks? And this is not the vid I was talking about

    3. wolf man jr shark only as reptilien brain. Human use reptilien brain to breath a do thing that we do with out realizing it. So its logical , shark dont know what happening around them and only react instinctively.

  3. Love all these shark ‚experts‘ in the comments. She’s not the first person to do this, and she definitely wont be the last. They are beautiful graceful fish. The water is crystal clear, she is swimming naturally, and she is swimming in the day when that magnificent fish is clearly not in predator mode. It’s a thing of beauty.  

    1. It’s probably because she’s on a cage diving boat where they feed the sharks non stop. Im guessing that shark couldn’t eat another thing

    2. Predator Mode? The shark doesn’t have a red light on its head to indicate its going to attack, the only way you know is when it suddenly bites your leg off and you have 2 minutes to live before you bleed out or it eats the rest of you.

    3. Gordon Ramsay You can tell its in predator mode when its pectoral fins are pointing down and its arching its back. This great white here looks relaxed. Its all about body language.

    4. by the time you notice the change you’re already dead.

  4. First thing: why does her hair color matter?
    Second thing: sharks aren’t as dangerous as people think. She was in little danger.

    1. All Things Wildlife unlikely. Every time you go for a ride count the times you didn’t crash. Then go into water with Tiger Sharks or White Tips and count how many times you survived.

    2. Emanuel Stenberg i live on a coastal town in Australia. People go surfing all the time and see tiger sharks. No one has been attacked. I have crossed a shallow estuary. only to then go fishing and catch a bull shark. I haven’t died (obviously) and i haven’t been attacked. For my youtube channel i’ll be swimming with sharks and encountering other dangerous animals. As long as you don’t swim in murky water or at night you likely wont be attacked.

    3. Emanuel Stenberg also when you say „white tip“ do you mean white tipped reef shark, oceanic white tip or great white?

    4. Your dumb . If it wanted to whip around and severe a artery it could be a done deal

    5. I know this is an old comment but the reason is because the girl who was eaten in the Jaws film was blonde. It’s just to highlight the counter-cultural juxtaposition of a blonde girl swimming with a great white.

  5. Love how relaxed the shark is. Just like „Yeah, hop on, I’ll take you for a spin on the ol‘ dorsal fin.“

    1. Silver54ful it’s actually fin I’ll explain *sigh* ehh alright
      1 he said dorsal fin
      which refers to the first dorsal fin

      the smaller fin in the back is called the secondary dorsal fin it’s smaller then the main dorsal

      the fins on the sides are called pectoral fins
      (that is plural) because they’re two matching fins unlike the dorsal and secondary dorsal

      caudal fin is like fin that propels the shark through the water its the big one on the back

      the little funny looking fin on bottom near the caudal fin is called the anal fin lol it’s funny get over it

      then you got your pelvic fin which is located between the anal fin and pectoral fins

      the more you know

  6. She tied her hair up and rode that great white shark with no protection.

    1. WhoCheese dumb idiot disgusting bastard. Get some help kid. Your dumb and should be embarrased.

    1. „I need a volunteer shark from the audience. Now we have never met before, have we…“

  7. Still safer than taking a walk around the block in Detroit…

    1. Statisticly its probably even safer then driving or flying

    2. Alien Outpost and black people should have never left Africa. Be grateful white people exist.

    1. Tough but smooth in one direction, like sand paper in the other direction. At least that’s what other sharks feel like to touch.

    2. Sharks have smooth skin if you rub it from head to tail to help with speedy swimming, but if you rub it from tail to head then it’s rough like sand paper.

  8. This reminds me of the guy who tried to prove bears arent dangerous. He ended up trying to live by em and got mauled to death.

    1. Dr. David Banner’s Worst Day Back during the sailing ship days,sharks circled ships just in case someone falls off. once they learn the taste of human and understand it’s easy food, they will adapt to kill humans.

    2. +The Saucy Goblin Shark You’re right that sharks often circle boats because they’re waiting to be fed, but it’s not people they’re waiting for, it’s chum or other forms of bait. They remember that food (actual food) usually accompanies boats. We don’t actually taste good to sharks, and in terms of nutrition, there’s nothing on us for them to make use of. In comparison to their usual prey, we’re all skin and bone, with practically no meat on us and nothing for them to enjoy.

      If someone dies as a shark attack, it’s usually as the result of blood loss from one bite. They’re not consumed by the shark. And it’s almost always a case of mistaken identity (hence, only one bite).

    3. Like dogs that love being petted, from what I gather dogs just ride with the days some good some shocking, not many dogs need surgery after being bitten by people?

    4. Андрей Сарнавский sagt:

      Blackdragon96 if you are refering to this video. And you watched all episodes. You are misleading people.. “ Over the years that Vandergaw had been feeding the bears, he also sustained several bite wounds.“ Man who lived with them for years was bitten. Also in Russian man who studied bears for 15 + years and lived with them was killed. Also Timothy was killed etc. There is only one rule keep distance and respect predators.

    5. Exactly. Maybe that shark had eaten prior to this cute little video, hence its disinterested, casual posture. But what if one of these days she comes across a great white with an empty belly? These are apex predators with primal instincts. They don’t have a cerebral cortex like ours capable of conceptualizing right and wrong, love, mercy, reciprocity, justice and so on. It is an ancient killing machine. Nature isn’t a Disney movie. The problem with these kind of misleading postmodern mockeries of nature is that one day some stupid guy or gal will jump in the water with these creatures maybe thinking they’re harmless ‚friends‘ of humans and it won’t end so well…

  9. She officially got the biggest BALLS in human history.

    1. +Turd Ferg And what’s the point? This is like running across a busy highway. Maybe a semi hits you, maybe it doesn’t. But your still stupid to try it.

      Guess what people will be saying if the next Great White decides to bite her in half. Wow! She had really big balls? No! They will be saying: Wow! What an idiot she was.

    2. +norman berg
      I don’t disagree with you, what she did was very dumb. I wouldn’t risk that, they are wild animals after all. All I was saying is that they aren’t anywhere near as violent. Sharks are very curious creatures that generally don’t attack very often, except a couple species that are known to.

    3. Sharks unlike crocodiles do not recognize humans as prey… a shark only needs to eat 3% of its body weight daily, a human is not worth the unknown energy output, The biggest problem is when people start to compare shark/marine predators with land predators. A shark cant sit around and eat the whole day like a lion can or spin and tear off flesh like a crocodile it has to have a couple bites at most and then move on. Shark attacks are almost always a case of low visibility. I scuba with sharks weekly and none ever have been aggressive, only curious as to what humans are because they cant suss us out just yet.

    4. small brain / Big balls. NOPE she understands sharks and knows they just dont attack humans. its a HUGE MYTH that they do. do some research.

    1. Personally, I find 720p no different than 4k. Once you’re beyond the HD point, it doesn’t really get any better…

    2. Judging by the upload date, this is much older hardware… pre 4k go pro models. Also, you asked this almost a year ago so… you probably forgot about it by now lol

    3. Markus Williams naw bro…. Go watch lil pumps gucci gang in 4k. Shi is madnesd

    4. Markus… That’s just so insanely wrong.

      Like, it’s scientifically and objectively wrong.

  10. Everyone keeps telling people ‚Sharks are dangerous and deserve to die.‘ I say their majestic creatures that are curious and don’t like people invading their homes.

    1. I agree with u! I love sharks, as u can tell by my user…They don’t deserve to die! :[

    2. Cryptid Cryae It’s our home just as much as theirs you dumb oaf. Just because they happen to be very unintelligent and tries to bite off our limbs because either their eye vision is horrendous or they literally are monsters as in „investigation“ means dismemberment us. Gives us no reason not to defend ourselves. Like I said, it’s our home too. We have all rights to explore it. Now killing a shark before being attacked is not cool nor is the mass slaughtering.

    3. Sharks are FACT Apex predators the means they are on top and they eat anything and everything, and have no natural enemys save for man, This doesn’t mean there killing machines, they kill to eat and to defend themselfs. They are not however pets or play things, Ask the grizzly man about apex predators and how cuddly they are…right up unlit they get hungry or pissed

    4. dabong420 Dude they’re only second from top, Orcas like to eat Great White Shark liver.

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