GoPro: Official HERO6 + Fusion Live Launch Event 2017

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  1. Really want to pick one up but I just got a hero 5 session

    1. Christopher Owen FPV Well remember next time that GoPro always releases new products every Fall so that you can wait next time fam

    2. +Hardsray how much are you going to add for trading in?

    3. Christopher Owen FPV hero 6 is well worth it… I know i have been abusing and using mine… Love it especially with the karma grip…

    1. I think he was trying to make sure he talked nice and slowly but went overboard and looked like he was having a mild stroke in the beginning.

    2. This guy is allways like that, full of life and energy. He is super cool to talk to, he has an amazing story.

    1. Absolute Zero you hit the nail on the head. Apple, then Adobe and now Gopro. Next in the short list is DJI. They all forgot who made them multi millionaires and now they just put out the same old junk at higher prices which the average person can’t afford. That coupled with crappy customer services tops the sh#t sundae. If that wasn’t enough now we have to log on every time we want to use the app for the hardware we paid $$$ for so they can make extra $$$ selling the data which will ultimately be hacked into… And people still buy their product. Cows to the slaughter… All that out of breath faux enthusiasm won’t get me to purchase another GoPro product anytime soon.

    1. Fusco Enterprise. TV i need dorral dorral dorral is what i need

    1. JustSimplyBrandon damn thats true. Hero 5 was basically a hero 4 black with screen and other small advantages.

    1. SanDisk Extreme Pro 512 GB SDXC UHS-I Card for $315 on Amazon should do the trick

    1. Dman, bud that’s not an excuse if you can’t take a minute to realize that a new can was coming out, then that’s on you.

    2. I hope you know I wasn’t upset lol, I found it funny this released right as i bought a new gorpo.

    1. like the product, thought the same about the presentation.

  2. Those GoPro edits are always on point.

    If you like to edit pay attention to the different ways momentum and fluidity are kept through subject movements and camera direction. There is much to learn there.

  3. 19:49
    *Adventurous and interesting life sold seperately*

  4. Gopro forget a lot of customers that never go to sky,surf or jump from the mountains. GoPro forget the most basic users (customers)…you know, this people that use gopro for vlog, biking, or recording they dogs playing in a bored park in a city. Bikers ! A lot of bikers use GoPro for his commute to work…nobody live in luxury holiday all the time…only in instagram parallel Universe

    1. J.M. Sellanes what are you talking about. Most people that buy GoPro are the ones that do all those things. I’m a photographer and I used go pros all the time to mount on my camera and shoots. But. Is that it has best image with higher frame rate I’m e sold! That’s all I care about is frame rates and quality.

    2. @JM it’s not the best quality. Sony has the best overall quality.

    3. J.M. Sellanes sony action cam? Cause that’s what we are talking about action cams. Go pro leads in action cams. But you know what, I’ll go out there and say this new GoPro is better than Sony video. Sony doesn’t produce high quality image at a high frame rate like this go pro. If you were able to put a low aperture lens on this go pro it would change the game. But I’m sure that’s in the future.

    4. J.M. Sellanes GoPros are Action Cameras that are designed for amazing moments

  5. Looks like a fun camera
    The CEO dude should… drink less coffee

  6. But just remember it only looks like this in FULL sunlight, anything less than that you will get some grain…

  7. Gotta be a lot of post-production and insanely optimal lighting to get that sort of footage, but I don’t doubt its amazing. @ 15:45

  8. AWESOME!!! We use the gopro HERO 5 Black in our studio for live streaming. Nice to see the color has gotten better since we don’t like to do color correction. Can’t wait to try the new Hero 6 Black out in our studio!

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