GoPro: On the Ice with the NHL

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  1. dude in germany this sport isn’t that popular. i would have never thought that you could do so many tricks in ice hockey. looks fun!

    1. Best leagues in world: NHL, KHL, SHL, Liiga, Czech Extraliga, NLA, AHL, DEL, Slovak Extraliga

    2. +de132 Ever heard about Czech Republic ? Probably not. I mean, sure we are not as good as we used to be in 98-06 period, but still from 2010 till now – WCs – 1 gold, 2 bronzes, 2x 4th place – pretty good a think. Olympics not so much, 2010 it just didn’t go well and 2014 we had just sooooo terrible coach. But still, putting us behind Slovakia and US is pretty inappropriate …

    3. +theHockeyCZE​​​​ I put the Czech league ahead of the Slovak. It’s 4th on the list, man. My other post mentions the Czechs are good. They’re ranked higher now in my mind after the IIHF worlds. 1. CAN 2. RUS 3. USA 4. SWE 5. FIN 6. CZE 7. SUI 8. SVK 9. LAT 10. BEL.

      Also, if you watch the top leagues, you know how good the Czechs can be

    4. +MrRyusuzaku Now do you see what I’m saying about Canada dominating? Team Canada was perfect in Prague, and humiliated Russia in the final game. There is an influx of good players from Canada right now and they’re winning everywhere now. Hockey is Canada’s for the taking for many years to come. Complete domination is accurate at the moment. 

    5. +EmillionWayz bud, at least here you have DEL (wich I like very much as any hockey league). Here in Brazil hockey is like nothing to people. Best sport in the world

    1. +Alexis Gauthier tell me one Canadian player who is the best right now? lol

  2. Shot at the Devils Practice facility, yet no Devils in video. SMH.

    1. +DevilsFan53 That’s because none of the Devils players are good.

  3. Putain! #FRISSONS
    ..aurais-je froid ou… autre chose ?

  4. А где трюки от Овечкина? Просто так поулыбаться у борта пришел?

    1. Овечкин в отличие от них тренирует не то, что он показывает на видео, а то что он использует в игре. Именно поэтому он более результативный игрок, как впрочем и Малкин.

    2. +Patrick Kane ови результативный игрок,  а не гений дриблинга. Именно поэтому ему нет места в этом видео. 

    3. +AlekseiStashkov​​ проведу аналогию. Видел пару конкурсов музыкальных, где дети срывали авацию американской публики за неплохое исполнение джаза к примеру, при этом у нас в РФ полная страна детей, владеющих виртуозно куда более серьезными инструментами и композициями, чем гитарка и барабаны в джазе, и они такие авации не срывают, т.к. их у нас оценивают как профессионалов, а не по умению сварганить шоу… Просто для пиндосов покрасоваться и сделать шоу нередко важнее реального расклада умений и навыков.

  5. Блин, с первой и до последней секунды, как на одном дыхании посмотрел

  6. Great job Kaner and Tazer! This was awesome, and eye candy for anyone who loves hockey.

    1. +NBACoDGaming I think you should check out LA, the vast majority of their fanbase is banwagon fans. To prove my point check out how many people go to Anaheim Ducks games vs. LA kings games, and just see how the crowd reacts during a game. Its pathetic. Major cities like Chicago, New York, Pittsburgh and Philly have the most loyal fanbases in the country regardless of how good the team is. Any SMART person would know that.

    2. +Ryan Spalding But you still can’t deny that a LOT of people became „fans“ after the stanley cup in 2010. Cities like Toronto, Winnipeg,New York have a huge, loyal fan- base. There’s no denying that

    3. +NBACoDGaming The majority of those fans are children, do you even realize that? Same with Chicago they have one of the most loyal fanbases out there. Perfect example when the Chicago Bears were one of the worst teams in the league they were still able to fill the stadium. 

    4. I’ve never watched hockey before, and i loved this video.

    1. Because the NHL  All star game is MAJORLY  FLAWED, For starters the fans should get to VOTE since the all star game is for them .This garbage quota of 1 player from a team is absolute nonsense. it just rob the fans from seeing truly the best players, For starters the jets Dustin Byfuglien made the All Star team , want to bet if  the jets GM call the habs and ask for a one for one deal for Subban he would get laugh right off the phone.Because no one in their right mind is picking a dustin over a Subban.Thats why it was such a farce.

    2. +flex master Not true at all. Depends on what type of player you want on a team. Also, Dustin is having a better season than P.K this year.

    3. +HabsINK25th More toi, more goals, almost the same assists, more ppm, better +/-. Last 5 games buff got 7 points, pk got 4. I don’t see how pk is doing better.

  7. That moment your heart breaks a little bit when they get footage of dangles and dekes with out datsyuk… ;_;

    1. Datsyuk did make the allstar game, they asked him to go out. He declined to take a rest during the break. I’m a wings fan by the way!

    2. +halvo11 Yeah.. 🙁 He’s by far one of the most talented players in the league

    1. Jag håller med. Du är lite här och där på youtube. 😉 Kanske man ska skaffa en GoPro 4 nån gång när man har råd. Fast jag är mer sugen på en riktigt digital kamera. =)

    1. +Jeven Ok how? Don’t just tell someone they are incorrect. Tell them what you don’t agree with and why?

    2. What do you mean hockey loses out with female fans? Perhaps you live in the US? Hockey in Canada is huge.

    3. +Jeven Dude read what I wrote again before you comment. I didn’t say that at all. I’m a female hockey fan. Why would I say that? Troll. 

  8. Oshie’s fake slapshot move is incredible. His hands are insane.

    1. I love that move. It’s my signature shootout move in NHL 15. Ahahaha.

  9. Video of the Day!

    On the ice with the +NHL.

    Tune in for today’s All-Star game on +NBC to see GoPro live broadcast action. 

    1. …. Sidney was selected … injured.

      For an event aimed to demonstrate both skill and personality (which it clearly is aimed at), it was missing one of the best players for that combination — PK Subban.

      That’s my point. NHL missing the boat … again.

      Also see news reports „NHL, Rogers dumbfounded on hearing viewer statistics for 2015 All=Star Weekend.“ It was a bust.

    2. +GoPro this was NOT filmed with your camera
      4k @ 240fps

    1. you mean what about Pavel Datsyuk! Carey would just save everything so it would be no fun to record 😛

  10. My dad said that if i get 50 likes i can get a vapor 1x

  11. When will we see the videos with Ovechkin and Hall??

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