GoPro: Pelican Learns To Fish

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    1. 3rd Coast Yaker They’ll eat your head, beware!!!!! Highly risky

  1. the way that jawn slid down his throat was far from graceful buy hey

    1. I watched Luka Magnotta eat another human being. Thats messed up.

    1. Antonio Ruiz I’m glad to hear that brother, there’s not enough people with big hearts like yours, that’s why the madness still goes on.

  2. „He’s been dragging his bill in the water, trying to uh, hopefully the fish might swim in. He’s very optimistic.“ Lol I’m cracking up hahahahahaha

    1. he learn that from „how to speak like Kristen Stewart“

    2. kassiani imagine ababy tryn to learn to be a baby from a pelican

    1. Ezzel Official EXEPT for the part where it try’s to eat your arm

    1. Truly inspiring, isn’t it? Also well edited with the music and all.

  3. I used to watch pelicans fishing out on my grandma’s riverfront for hours. They were so beautiful, and would dive in one after another as a team to grab fish in the water

    1. They are not keeping him there. He can leave anytime, but he looks like he has grow reliant on them.
      That is why they are taking him out on the water, to rehabilitate him so he will have the confidence and skills to take care of himself one day.

    2. ubertser he better take care of his feet for the rest of his life lmao

    1. Juan There are a few brands that offer the same quality for cheaper, and some that offer better quality for the same price.

    2. RememberVietnam Soocoo is one. They have a few different models, I have the „Soocoo – s100 pro“ I got mine on EBay for a huge discount. Only $85. They do normally run about $200 but that’s way less then the $500 for these.

    3. PauseStompers Thanks, does the soocoo have better quality than rhe gopro?

    1. Well you saw how easy it was to grab the pelican right?

  4. So beautiful to see this Relationship btwn man I Bird…mutual Love & Care is the Reason for this amazing Union.

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