GoPro: Space Net BASE Jump

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This totally insane Pentagon Space Net project was an ultimate dedication to a relatively unknown, extremely loved Moab Monkey named Daniel „Money Making“ Moore (22). Daniel died exactly 1 year prior to the rigging of this net. The 2000 sq. ft hand woven net was the brain child of Sketchy Andy Lewis and created by the Moab Monkeys in honor of Daniel and his limitless stoke. Designing the net was a 7 year learning process for Andy, and with more than 25 people, the net took more than 500 cumulative man hours to weave the nearly 20,000 ft of cord together, and took more than 65 people to rig! The Space Net was up for 1 week and saw more than 350 visitors, more than 200 safe BASE jumps (without injury), successful crossings of all 5 high lines (some with falls), a parachute landing, and has gone down in history as the most epic communal project that Moab, UT has ever seen. Enjoy this video of Matt Blank showing you what it takes to get out there and jump through the hole! Stay human, stay alive, stay stoked; and remember life is short, SO ENJOY IT!


45 Kommentare

  1. WTF! That has to be one of the lowest BASE jumps I’ve seen. Crazy.

    1. George No, they want to live a more exciting life than the average person who simply goes about life trying not to die.

    2. Brian Hawkins go to the hood, it has a pretty intense feeling of life on the edge

    1. В описании сказано, что руками сплели.

  2. Сразу почему то вспомнился фильм „127 Часов“ !

    1. yah thats me too i just know what could happen if i fall…! O_o

    2. +EPIC MOMENTS my stomach sank just watching the video. strange the net scares me but base jumps no problems (watching that is would love to skydive though)

  3. Он олень?))) тас расстояние до земли метров 10 было… Ппц

  4. That was crazy Gopro is the reason to why I record and Vlog my life now I live one hell of a crazy life and that’s my inspiration after gopro cameras

  5. No amount of money would get me onto that net, let alone to base jump off.

    1. +Todd Maiden​ Nope, not even for billions. I would pass out before getting near to the zip wire. It’s impossible for me.

    2. I’m sure you could winch yourself back up one of the lines if you really wanted to. It’d be tiring as hell though.

    3. SyR Gaming what about being one of the people on the net without a parachute

  6. its funny how they say it was filmed with a 3+ when you can see a normal 3 on his head

    1. He used superview setting so it’s hero3+…. hero3 doesn’t have superview

    2. i thought it was a 3 since it had the screws on the cover

      Great vids btw

    3. +MicBergsma yeah you’re right Mic! Put a GoPro 3+ in a normal hero 3 case and there you go 🙂

    4. Timothy Brian yeah it’s hilarious… wtf, just watch the video jackass

  7. If I saw just the first jump scene on a different website I would of thought he died

  8. That is insane!!!!! Who would dislike this video….Such weiners

  9. As he jumped I was waiting for him to smash the rocks, because the ground was looking really really close xD

  10. If the main chute was fucked there would be no time to open the reserve….

    1. +softrockification There are no reserve chutes on a BASE jumping rig…

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