GoPro: Speedflying Through Buildings

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    1. +Romakasi nope, not even close to be same experience lol. You can also take off adrenaline, life experience, your pride of doing it for real, self esteem, well the list is long.
      Oh, and no, it won’t take your fear of heights lol. Really, i have no balls to do what he does or what those wingsuit jumpers do:. Flying very close to obstacles. But a much safer way to do it and have a nice experience is getting into an AFF skydiving course. It doesn’t take long and parachute jumping is very safe, safer than ride a motorcycle in city.

  1. open new tab
    search Tristam – My Friend by monstercat.
    pause the music at 0:30 seconds
    pause this video from the beginning without volume
    start music and then this video almost at the same time
    enjoy :3 
    don’t challenge meh cuz its just a random thing i just did

    1. Another one!
      Look for Alpharock – FAWL in another tab
      Pause it at 00:56
      Play this video from the beginning and the song at the same time!

    1. Yeah this is an old video. I remember seeing it aaaaaaages ago.

    1. +ApexIXMR I used to be speedflying like you, but then i took an arrow in the knee. 😀

    2. +ilparola hey, the butt pads are not invented yet lol

    1. DaCamponTwee. Yeah stereotyping is lame. Like, from you name, or comment, I would never be able to guess your ethnic background. Yeah right. Speedflying is a relatively cheap sport to get into. Sorry you don’t fit into that tax bracket, brother.

  2. I was going to buy a gopro but then I thought, I would only need it when I am in the middle of an adventure, doing something crazy, mmm, would it be worth it with a normal life?

    1. You could film sports events with it. That’s what my dad does when I run track.

    2. +Stuart Loria You don’t need to be an extreme snowboarder or surfer, just do what you love! You’ll find something worth filming, be it a trip to the river nearby doing something fun 🙂

  3. Speed flying BETWEEN buildings, maybe … not THROUGH buildings. Big difference.

    1. +Natasha Droff I would say it depends on where exactly he hits the building. If he hits the walls – he breaks his legs for sure and some other bones; dies or becomes a cripple with high probability.
      However, given the shown skill, I highly doubt, that in case of emergency, he would not be able to hit the window. In that case the strings will ’slowly‘ stop him; some serious injures but likely will be alright after a month in a hospital.


  4. I think everyone believed that he would fall in that swimming pool , right? 😀

  5. I just want to finish school already so I can go on amazing adventures

    1. because without school you can’t do a job and without a job you can’t earn money hence travel

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    1. quorkquork yea wtf was that it was like a stretch or something

  6. Dr. Peter Venkman a.k.a Original Ad-Buster sagt:

    why you use this unnecessary morphing effect when the guy is starting his spiral ?

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