GoPro Surf: Discovering the Mentawais in 4K

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  1. I watched this guy 6:00 and his son feature on gopro video last year. Marlon

  2. Hi, anyone wanna check out my gopro longboard edit w/ the karma grip? 🙂

  3. Mentawai, wooowwww… I am Indonesian anyway, beautiful slow motion.

    1. Forest Moss take a close look. Im ean its a treat font, but just the way it worked out

  4. It is fairly true, that in western society, it is about you and not us. Now obviously each society has its pros and cons but a con of the western society is that we think about ourselves more than we think about creating community.

  5. By far one of your greatest Videos you ever made ! I really enjoyed this one. It was like turning the world off and diving into the waves! Great job!

  6. I’m impressed! I’m not into surf but the footage, the music, the slow-mos and the drone shots! The Hero6 is just a dream come true for surfers. I still remember that interview of the founder where GoPro started with film cameras that he can strap to his wrists while he surfs.

  7. This film is just beyond amazing. I felt so much emotion on it just while watching it. Thanks for making not only the best versatile camera in the world but also for spreading the life-changing stories all around the world! #GoproFamily

  8. anyone know the name of that first song that comes? says starworld by niteppl but can’t find it anywhere

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