GoPro: Surfing with Mark Healey – Ep. 1 – „Connect not Conquer“

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    1. ION FOOTBALL I love my Hero 5 Session and cant wait to use it with my new surfboard im getting !!!

  1. Red Bull and the people you support are top class, much respect.

    1. there is always the possibility they slowed the clip down, but that is insane! more than 30 seconds! Even slowed down to half speed, 15 seconds is still crazy

  2. My mom pulled the same kind of stunt when I was five. Forced me to swim by lifting me by the back of my shorts up real high in the breakers. I had to REALLY swim and stop dog paddling or suck sea water. Ruthless, to be sure. But it paid off.
    Became a lifeguard, lifeguard instructor, EMT, rescue diver, and been surfing/bodyboarding my whole life since. Still a little mad at her to this day though….

  3. Excellent, I really enjoyed this! Sweet combination of voice over, music, and images. Thanks so much!

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