GoPro: Taxco Urban Downhill with Kelly McGarry



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  1. Rhhhholala c’te descente de malade !!
    Ps: les gens qui habitent là-bas doivent avoir des mollets et des cuisses de fou avec toutes ces marches et ce dénivelé !!

    1. +rider Paradiz C’est clair que ça change mon pote, mais quand je vois le kiffe que je prend rien qu’en regardant cette vidéo, j’imagine même pas le pied que ce mec à du prendre !

    2. ouai c’est une tuerie la descente urbaine comme ça !!!! je kifferai voir sa en france !!!! 😀

    3. +rider Paradiz Il me semble que ça a était fait à Notre Dame à Paris…

    4. Pas pour rien que les latinas aient les cuisses et les fesses les plus musclées (les mieux sculptées..). Véridique 😉

  2. how difficult are stairs when you’ve got a bike that well-equipped? I would have thought going down stairs like that would be almost impossible

    1. It’s almost just a smooth ramp on a downhill bike, but even on a nice hardtail it’s simple to go down stairs.

    2. I just got a full susp. Bike and stairs are a breeze compared to on my hardtail.

    3. Iunio92 Just worked the balls to ride a small staircase on my $600 dicks hard tail. It’s easy, just don’t touch the front brake

  3. Don’t go out your front door we having a race on your stairs.

  4. I know I’m probably being a little ignorant, but why the heavy breathing since the start?

    1. +WatchLearnSee Its okay, its a normal question for someone who stares at devices all day and is looking for self affirmation in social media. Get outdoors

    2. +chad j I love those original comments. But yea you’re right. I do stare at devices all day and probably earn more money doing it than you can ever dream of.
      Besides I ride a Long Haul Trucker on the weekends and whenever I go on vacation to a nearby country. And most of the times it’s a 200+ km ride and I don’t breathe like that downhill.

      And I also don’t have facebook.
      Thanks for the insightful comment though. You really upped the bar there.

    3. +WatchLearnSee Just because they are going down the mountain not up dose not mean there is no effort involved lol.

    1. Balls.  Of steam?  Steam-balls.  You realize what steam is, right?  It’s like smoke, only made of water.  Steam………balls.  I just don’t get it.

  5. I think you need health insurance to watch this video in fullscreen, I thought I was going to die the whole time.

  6. The bike may be aluminum, but his balls are titanium!

    1. +daniel simanjuntak Pretty sure I saw this exact comment on another Kelly McGarry vid from GoPro

    1. +Potato he died on the fernhill loop track in queenstown, he went into cardiac arrest on the uphill and died

  7. When your late for work and you have a whole city on your side:

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