GoPro: This Is Fusion

Specforce Alpha – Click here!



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    1. jet052673 it’s not right, it’s write, not wright… alright?!… AIGHT?!? It’s funny because we both make joke.

    2. Noob Master is the goal here for nobotty to comment on the clever use of the Read more placement? Did I just ruin it? Or did I win? Wait did I WIN?!?!!!

  1. I want to watch this when I’m stoned on a 85 inch 4k monitor.

    1. you will be freaking out and yelling „YOOOOO I CAN TELEPORT!“

  2. This is the best camera you have ever done Fusion + overcapture this is the best thing I’ve ever seen

  3. yes finally this is how i see the future of 360 video. no more point and shoot. just shoot and afterwards you can do the point. great for observing underwater animals and making videos where you have to place the camera out of reach

  4. Well now yeah, this is something interesting.
    Perfect for sports or travelers. <3 Goodjob.

  5. Incroyable le montage. Trés inspirant pour ma chaine 🙂 I follow you since 2009.

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