GoPro Travel: Beyond Cambodia

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  1. Cambodia is beautiful! Been there a few times – if anyone if interested in my Travel/ urban exploring videos, please check them out I spend a long time on each video and it is difficult to get recognition for my work

    1. JakeStanleyTravel really cinematic footage! Amazing- I’ve subbed 😉

  2. This is the best vlog I have seen. It can be called Social Vlogging. Travelling to different places, finding the good things and bad things functioning in the society and making people aware of it.
    It doesn’t matter if it’s a GoPro or not. Story matters.
    Great work GoPro. ☺️❤️

  3. Amazing video. I was lucky enough to go there 3 years ago. And I recognized many things from my own experience. Such as the boat ride and the children asking for money everywhere. Ryan you made a really accurate portrait of Cambodia and the problem of this kind of tourism. Well done! I suggest to go to everyone, I did not expect such a rich culture and history, unfortunately you can still see the scars that recent history left on this beautiful country.

  4. Just got my Hero 6 today with extensive testing starting tomorrow – kinda wish I had it a few weeks ago when we traveled to Cambodia, the Philippines and Bali…

    1. I am sure you’ll enjoy touring Philippines!
      Try Cebu,Palawan and Bohol first.

    2. I did a video with my gopro hero 6! It looks good…

  5. Well done! maybe the clips aren’t as spectacular as the action-sports Gopro videos, but well written story, good sound and enjoyable video in general. Congrats Ryan! I am travelling through Vietnam, very close to Cambodia, and the landscapes are almost the same! 🙂 I am making a Gopro video also, coming soon 😀 (if you guys wanna check my Youtube channel -Gopro- feel free!)

    1. spicytango hey! Thanks! Yeahhh do it! I have lots of clips and pics, you will see the awesome Vietnam travel video in few weeks! 😀

  6. My mom is a survivor of Pol Pot. She got lucky and escaped with my sister, brother and me. What she had to leave behind still haunts her. I am so honored by her in so many ways. She was honored by her community for her donations of services, time and money here:

    1. I know it was a shame. Now i have to read your terribly miss spelled comment.

    2. I had family members in 3 different concentration camps during WWII. Most people have no idea of the horrors that occur in other countries. We are very fortunate. Learn as much as you can about that family history no matter how dark.

  7. Hey, gopro, make more of these videos. The sports things are great but these things have a lot more meaning behind them.

    1. it isn’t GoPro making the videos, they just promote other’s content. Depends what kind of things people submit to them.

    2. Ya, I thought about that but I wanted to keep the comment nice and short so I just went with what I wrote, even though its a little inaccurate. I want GoPro to see this comment because I think we all want this but generally people don’t read longer comments simply because its long. Therefore, I wanted to keep the comment short. Also I didn’t take the time to think of a way to reword it properly 😀

  8. Amazing experience, I’ve been there last there without a drone, I used it and lived the same experience in the Philippines this year.

    Life changing experiences

  9. Great story Ryan! Beautiful shots with a great story line! The beginning with the comment „There are no more well kept secrets“ is so true!

  10. ខ្ញុំជាជនជាតិកម្ពុជា

  11. tourist industry are consuming this country`s future, this is the consequence of not develop the first industry

  12. This is the country my girlfriend is from. I am loving the dynamic cultural approach of these GoPro videos. It gives more perspective to others who have it better than this and makes them more appreciative.

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