GoPro VR: This Is Fusion in 5K

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  1. Watching this at 4k and 5k and the quality is really poor. Anyone else noticing that too?

    1. Because that video isn’t stretched as far. It will look sharper because you aren’t zoomed into it as much to give the 360 experience.

    1. 360 video compression is pretty high on YT = high quality loss. YouTube wake up and enhance the quality ^^

    2. With 360 videos the image is spread across an entire sphere, so even 4K 360 is a tad grainy looking. Non-360 4K videos have all those pixels compressed into to say 1/3 or less of a sphere, so naturally they seem more sharp.

    3. Its not compression, it’s taking 5k video but then when you view it at narrow fov’s to actually look around you are getting closet to 560p or 720p. This is a massive improvement over other single body cameras i have seen in the past, but i think until we get to the data storage and processing speeds to record 8k, you are still going to be better off with the multi gopro rigs for 360 video.

  2. Hey, try using the keys A S D W when your watching and control the camera!

    1. I prefer holding down the mouse button in the middle of the screen and then dragging around to change the view. Much more fluid

  3. The quality isn’t amazing because it’s stretched around a sphere, but for what it is, it’s incredible! No 360 camera this size can shoot 5.2K in this quality. Great job GoPro! I’ll definitely be getting one of these!

  4. After seeing this video. I DEFINITELY DON’T WANT ONE! Poor focus. Soft images. Blurry motion. HORRIBLE distortion. This definitely proves that 180 degrees is more than enough!

    1. Thats more of youtubes compression I believe, Because it looks a lot better when downloaded raw to your computer from gopro.

    2. Everybody here is complaining how ugly the image is. I do video as living. The DISTORTION IS SO STUPID!!! Why would I want to see simultaneous distorted images. Use (4) 90 cameras. Stitch them side by side. Split in the middle. VOILA! Same field of view with almost no distortion! Oh wait. I am actually trying to make a Sharp, Focused, Undistorted Image. How uncool of me!

    3. N2 Graphics No need to get upset 😉 The obvious answer is because it’s one small device not 4 cameras. You simply can put this in your pocket or backpack and be able to pan and everything. It’s the ultimate self production action camera. But I prefer normal cameras too.

    4. N2 Graphics overcapture is the main advantage of using this camera

  5. Why was the quality during the launch event so much better than this?

  6. 5.2 kilopixels, I member, hanging out for an upgrade but i guess i’ll wait, again, #hero4black4eva

  7. That default 360p view… keep scaling it up until it looks good. In windowed view it starts coming good at 1440 but still not great for 360° view.

  8. Marketing … the best they can do is publish this video RAW to be able to have a real dimension of the quality that has this VR

  9. From minute 0:33 on, I notice that you’re using the FUSION attached to a drone… how did you do this? what drone / accessories did you use?

  10. good quality hope to see it on the seven, but can it still shoot in normal fisheye or square view?

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