Lindsey Stirling

Grenade – Lindsey Stirling, Alex Boye‘, & the Salt Lake Pops (Bruno Mars Cover)

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  1. This song and Starships were the ONLY two songs i have not watched of Lindsey Stirling’s videos, ALL of here videos, both lindseytime and this account. I did not watch them because i thought the orrigional songs wern’t that great. WELL I CHANGED MY MIND ‚CAUSE LINDSEY MAKES EVERYTHING SOUND EPIC!
    Thx for this amazing video, SO much better than the orrigianal one.
    A Fan From The USA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Leopard Email You should have some real problems saying that Grenade is not that great. No offense.

    1. i just started like the original after hearing this awesome interpretation off Lindsey Stirling! Just amazing and fabulous!

    2. I like the other one, I think Lindsey I talented but I really like Bruno mars

  2. Lindsey – You got yourself a new fan in me!!
    You made Violin look so cool!!

  3. Id katch a kranade foa yah baybe >.< you know I'd do anything foa yah ^_^

  4. The song feels so much more real in this version. Epic. 

  5. I had chills in my back when he said he’d catch a grenade for her.
    Perhaps it’s because his accent reveals that he comes from a place where a grenade is a real threat, rather than a metaphorical theoretical statement.

    1. +GregTom2 i got chils too when he said he’d catch a grenade for her

    2. I dunno man, honestly, sounds like you’re just romanticizing dangerous exoticism.

  6. I am a fan of Lindsey’s, and that’s how I found this video. The Salt Lake Pops are great as always. But it was Alex Boyé who blew me away here. His voice and emotion put forth the raw power that feels, for lack of a better word, „Tribal“. Yet his presence and his garb embody refinement and control. I’m quite literally shaking at the sheer beauty of that man’s presence. I’m off to see more of his work, and he just may be my favorite solo vocalist ever.

  7. this dud is really a gud singaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. It sounds more like the loading screen for call of duty zombies on phone

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